The Secret To A Healthy Body And Mind

There is an old saying that what you eat is what you are, so if you eat healthy your mind and body both work in a manner which you want them to work.

With India under lockdown, most people are working from home. During this time, keeping nutrition under control is one of the biggest challenges. While working from home can make your own routine exciting, but it is still important to establish a schedule that includes eating regularly, being productive and promoting your overall health

There are 3 types of food i.e Protein, Carbohydrates and fats. Carbohydrates are used for your energy, protein for the building of the body and fats also provide energy but they are stored in the body and then are converted into energy. The proportion which a human body needs in comparison of these 3 is protein 1, carbohydrates 2 and fats 1.

So the question arises that what is healthy and what is not. The very simple answer to this question is the more processed food the more it is unhealthy and vice-versa. One should eat raw food more as it produces much more energy and gives you more nutrients as compared to processed food. The food should have much more vitamins and minerals and less of calories as calories are important but they also need to be burned. So the more caloric intake you have, the more you need to burn them to make them useful and release energy from them. The more we cook food the more it loses its nutrients. One should include more protein in your diet as protein is most needed in the building of your body. Some rich sources of protein are eggs, milk, fish, chicken, sprouts etc. These should always be included in the diet.

carbohydrates are the glucose of the body from which the energy of the body is released. If a person feels low energy then he/she should take carbohydrates. Some rich sources of carbohydrates are- potatoes, bread, milk, banana etc.

Fats are also a source of energy but they need more processing to convert the food into energy. Fats are also important but in low quantity. Some rich sources of fats are- butter, cheese, red meat etc.

Also, they say keeping indoor plants,  flowering plants at home also provides nutrition, boosts mood, productivity, concentration and creativity Reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds.

Plants play an important role in keeping the body, mind and soul free from stress. Some recommended flowering plants which you can keep at home are peace lily, Philodendron

devil’s ivy, etc.

Finally, no matter how you spend the evening, prepare for a good night’s sleep by hydrating yourself and be tension free before going to bed. This will help signal to your brain that it is time to start winding down and will help you mentally review your day. A restful night of sleep can be the ultimate act of love for your body!

Self-care is as important as taking care of everyone else. It takes time for patterns and routines to develop, so be kind and gentle as you learn to walk for a few minutes a day! Stay healthy! Stay fit!