The Secrets For The Perfect Home Staging

In my opinion, staging is the most important step in home selling. This is going to be like dressing for that first meeting with your date – you want to look as presentable as possible. It is important to unleash your home’s full potential for you to attract more buyers. However, this can get a little tricky. That is why we have provided below a guide that can help you have an easier and more successful home staging process.

  1. Deep clean every corner.

Look at it as restoring your home’s original beauty. Remember the first time you saw it? It is important to remove all the dust and moulds that have been accumulating for years as this is one of the biggest turn-offs of home buyers. Cover your walls with fresh paint. This is a simple step but it can definitely make your house look new and clean. Remove excessive clutter especially in the kitchen and living room tables and declutter every cabinet, shelves, and closets.

      2. Depersonalize your home.

Remove all family photos that are displayed in the living room as well as other personal things lying around. You want the prospective buyers that are going to view your home to easily imagine themselves living in the space. Your photographs will distract them from doing so. You should also remove all your collections and other political and religious items that are in the house.

      3. Enhance your curb appeal.

Remember that the first impression is important. The first thing that buyers are going to see is the front of the house. Have your yard landscaped for it to look more presentable and inviting. Impress them by adding some colour and life into your home’s curb appeal by planting flowers and other greeneries. You should also refurbish the front of the house and the doorway with fresh paint.

      4. If you can, do some upgrades.

Upgrading your appliances, floorings, and other parts of the house will not only help in making it look like it’s new but it will increase the property’s value. Buyers also prefer a house that has the latest home equipment and systems which means it has a higher chance to get sold quickly. Upgrades are not cheap, but if you have the budget, rest assured that it is going to be worth it.

        5. Hire professionals that can help you.

Hiring a home staging company can be your best decision yet. These companies are experienced and there are no doubts that they know the current climate of the buyers’ market. At the same time, they can also cater to your needs and how you want to style your home. The best home-staging companies must have an impressive portfolio that shows they can work on any themes and aesthetics. Not to mention the stress that they’ll be able to relieve from you since they’re going to take charge of everything.

Along with professional home stagers, a photographer that is an expert in taking photos of houses and interior design is also important. You want your listing photos to be the best and professional-looking as possible. This will entice more buyers that are looking through to web, to check out your home and, possibly, purchase it.