The Three Biggest Problems on College Campuses

Time on campus should be fun and full of happy memories. There are, however, some rough paths. Campus life comes with ups and downs, and it takes skill and courage to navigate what you will meet on campus. As a result, this article will explore three of the biggest problem on the college campus with solutions.

This will give you an idea of what to expect as you prepare for college:

  1.       Time Management:

There are lots of activities that demand the time of students. Many students find the transition from high school to college sudden and overwhelming when the workload becomes alarming. In college, you will have to manage a two-year course content in a year. Students take courses ranging from 18 to 21 credits per semester.

Many students also enroll in extracurricular activities and other social clubs. This also competes with their time. This explains why many students will rather go online and look for an essay writing service to write a paper for me, rather than dedicating hours to cope with an essay.

  1.       Debts

The rate at which the tuition fee is rising is alarming. In addition to tuition fees, the student will face many other expenses like feeding, clothing, accommodation, transportation, practical, and textbooks. This leaves students with the option of borrowing. And with the overall expenses involved in college, more than half of the students think about dropping out.

Many students also go for a part-time job to make enough money to survive through college. This leaves the student with less time. As a result, there will be essays and term paper assignments, so students will have to consider online services to write a paper for me.

It is a good idea to consider students’ loans. They are easy to get, although it makes sense to know everything about it before getting it. Lack of knowledge about the repayment time and strategy increases the stress. A financial adviser will be in the best position to help you understand the implication of any loan you are considering.

To make money as well, you could consider simple jobs on campus. Living on campus will also remove the transportation cost. There are times when I needed someone to write a paper for me while in school. Developing your essay writing skills and offering this as a service to fellow students could help you make extra cash from the comfort of your room.

  1.       Partying

There are many sources of stress on campus. For many students, partying is a great and effective way to relax and forget the demanding nature of college. The problem, however, is not with parties, but the effects and aftermaths of partying. Partying tends to be incomplete without drugs and alcohol, which leads to other vices like a health risk, hazards, and creating dangerous situations. Unplanned sexual intercourse is one of the poor choices that excess alcohol causes.

This calls for a responsible and legal way to enjoy a party. Stay away from drugs and alcohol, if possible. If you must drink, limit it to two bottles at most and do not drive. Eat well and drink enough water if you must drink and don’t want to lose contact with your friends.


As exciting as college life is, it does come with some issues. We have explored the top three problems most students face on campus and explained how to deal with them.