playing roulette live games
playing roulette live games

The Thrill Of Playing 1 Roulette At Live Roulette Sites

Online roulette has been around for many years now and was a true revolution when it was introduced. People no longer had to go to the casino to play roulette or other casino games. Because of the online casinos, they could just get the casino at home. Online casinos quickly became a great success. But while it is fun and easy to play roulette online at live roulette sites, many players still missed the excitement, ambiance, and social life of roulette in a real casino. A few years ago, the online casino sites came up with a solution for this: live casino and online roulette. 

Live roulette was immediately available in the first live casinos. Nowadays, you can also play online roulette at every online casino with a live casino. You do not play at a virtual table, but at a real table in a real casino and with a flesh and blood roulette croupier who leads the game. All the action can be followed via a live stream.

History of playing roulette live games

The first online casinos saw the light of day in the mid-’90s of the last century. But it was maybe another 20 years until the first live casinos opened in 2010. It is almost impossible to tell what the first live casino was. As is often the case with new things, especially on the internet, they often appear in different places simultaneously. This was the case for the live casinos as well.

The idea for a live casino where you could follow all the action via live stream and play in a real casino has been around for some time. Only the technology and, in particular, the internet connection still had to make this possible. In 2003 the time had come, and the first online casino games with a live dealer were introduced.

In those early years, the range of games was limited in the live casinos, and not every online casino had a live casino. Of course, you could always play online roulette live back then, but usually, there was only one table in one casino available and usually only one croupier, let alone there were several live roulette variants to play. Like at the beginning with online casinos, it took a while for the players to find this new casino form. But once that was the case, roulette and the live casinos became an instant success.

  1. Chat with the roulette croupier

A major reason for this success is that playing roulette brings you even closer to the live roulette casino experience. The fact that you can follow all the actions via a video connection plays a role in this. You also have the option to chat with the roulette croupier who runs the game, just like in a live roulette casino. In the early years, there was usually only one croupier who belonged to a particular table. But nowadays, you often not only have the choice of different tables but also of different croupiers.

Over the years, more and more live roulette casinos have been added to play in. A problem in the early years was the limited number of real casinos you could play in. Since those real casinos where the tables you played in those first online live casinos do have opening hours, unlike online casinos, you could usually not play live dealer roulette for a few hours a day because of the casinos in which the tables were located were closed. Now that there are more different real casinos to play in, you can also just play live dealer roulette 24 hours a day, as you are used to from an online casino.

  1. More variety when playing online live roulette

Almost 15 years have passed since then, and live casinos have become commonplace. Every self-respecting online casino now has a live casino, and the range of games has also become a lot wider nowadays. Also, there have been several variations of popular live casino games. For example, there are different live roulette variants to play in different live casinos.

Read online roulette articles on the internet. You will find that the development of live casinos is not standing still. Several developers are already developing online roulette and other live casino games for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Types of live roulette online

Anyone who knows a little about roulette knows three different main forms of roulette: French roulette, European roulette, and American roulette. It will also be no secret to most of you that you have the worst odds in American roulette and so it is always better to go for one of the two other variants if you feel like a game of roulette.

Now, due to the limited offer at the beginning of live online roulette, you were often limited in your choice. Usually, only one variant was available. Nowadays, you can choose from different types of live roulette at most of the top casino sites and often also from different casinos in which you can play.

The nice thing about today’s live casinos is that, in addition to the main variants of European, French and American roulette, there are also other, often new, types of roulette games to play. Below are some examples of popular roulette variants that give a slightly different twist to the game than the traditional ones. By the way, keep in mind that you cannot play the above types of live roulette live at every online casino because they are not available at every casino.

  1. Speed ​​Roulette

As the name probably suggests, Speed ​​Roulette is a faster version of live roulette. Live speed roulette is a lot of fun to play, but the action at a normal roulette table is a bit too slow for some players. That is why, nowadays, there is live Speed ​​Roulette. This game is perfect for players who always play the same combinations of numbers or like to use neighbor bets. This is also a good way to test whether a particular roulette system that you have found actually works.

  1. Golden Ball

This is the most recent new roulette variant on this list. Basically, Golden Ball is basically the same as normal roulette. It is played at a European table, and all bets are exactly as you are used to. What makes Golden Ball Roulette different is that golden ball in the name. A player who has the most bet in the previous rounds wins a golden ball after 20 rounds. This player may then determine when the ball enters the wheel, and if the player wins, he will receive a bonus amount. 

In addition, there is also a jackpot associated with this game. You can see how many days it will take for the jackpot event to take place at the table. During this event, a kind of tournament is played, where the top three players share the jackpot, a fun and refreshing variation on the roulette game.

  1. Immersive Roulette

With Immersive Roulette seeks you even closer to the action to leave. This is done by portraying the action via 14 different HD cameras, so you get all the action extra sharp. The ball falls into the wheel, which is done in slow motion to increase the tension a little more. What is also different from other live roulette games is that the roulette croupier is filmed much closer and from different angles. Otherwise, this is just a standard roulette game, but the visual extras make immersive roulette worth a try!