The Top 3 Benefits To Using A Phone Mount On Your Bike

Countless mobile phone-related accidents have been recorded over the years. A huge number of these originate from bikers trying to hold and use their phone while riding. This is a rather risky move to make.

A safer way around it is to install a phone mount on your bike and use the phone from there. Here are the top 3 benefits of doing this:

  1.   It Helps You Navigate Easily

Riding on a road or through an area that you are not familiar with can be a real hassle. It’s easy to wander around in confusion and waste a lot of time and fuel trying to navigate your way around. This is the biggest reason as to why you need to invest in a navigator to help you find your way to your desired destination.

Your mobile phone has a navigator in it that you can use to guide you. However, it can be quite risky riding your bike while holding your phone by hand as this may lead to a serious accident. The best alternative would be to get a phone mount, attach it to the handlebars of your bike and then attach your phone onto it.

You can then switch on the navigation on your phone and glance at it for directions with ease as you ride your bike all the while maintaining your safety on the road.

  1.   Easy Entertainment

Entertainment does come in handy more so when you are taking long-distance rides alone on your bike. Riding for miles alone can be rather boring and having some music to listen to as you ride can keep you motivated and entertained.

As is always the case when you’re riding, a good pair of headphones or earbuds will come in handy to soothe your ears with some good music. This music will definitely be playing on your phone.

Having a phone mount will be beneficial as you’ll be able to mount your phone and browse through your playlist easily as you ride on through your journey. This is much safer, easier, and less destructive as opposed to having your phone in your pocket and trying to reach it every time you want to switch to another song.

  1.   You Can Easily Record Your Ride

We live in an era today where everything goes on record and there’s nothing wrong with that. Recording helps to preserve good memories and also inspire others to step out and do something amazing.

If you’re riding around beautiful scenery and would like to capture it or you’re a vlogger with an audience and would like to share your riding experience with them, a phone mount will help you do this with ease.

Recording with your phone while holding it with your hands is risky as you may lose control and get into an accident. Mounting it on the phone mount makes recording easier and safer to do. You can simply press record and then focus on riding while the phone does the recording.


Why risk holding your phone by hand while riding when you can use a phone mount instead? Here are some amazing phone mounts for bikes that you can purchase.