The Top Five Slow Juicers for Healthy Living

Juicing has been a popular trend for several years now, but do you have the time to commit to making juice every day? For those who want or need a quick and easy way to get their fix of fruits and vegetables, a premium slow juicer might be your best option. Slow juicers are designed to be efficient at juicing produce while preserving its nutrients. According to some, slow juicers are the only type of juicer that can produce high-quality juice. A study published by Nutrition Journal found that carrots processed in a slow juicer had more beta-carotene. In contrast, carrots processed through a centrifugal one lost some of their vitamin C content.

Slow juicers have a unique feature that allows the juice to move from the pulp container to the juice container with little or no aircon contact, preserving nutrients.

There are many different types of slow juicers on the market, each designed for a specific kind of person and their needs. Whether you’re looking for a slow masticating juicer to make a quick glass of juice or a slow twin gear juicer for robust and efficient production, there’s a perfect match out there.

The Best 5 Slow Juicers on the Market:

  1. Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer 
  2. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer 
  3. Tribest SW-2000-B Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer 
  4. Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low-Speed Juicer 
  5. Kuvings whole slow juicers B6000

Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer. 

The Hurom HU-100 is one of the most popular masticating juicers on the market, and it’s easy to see why. With a 150-watt motor, this powerful slow juicer can juice almost anything (including nuts) with no problems. 

 Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer. 

The Omega J8006 is a low-speed juicer that delivers nutrient-rich juices and features an extended warranty. This model allows you to make nut butter and sorbets, which can be complicated with many other types of juicers. The Omega’s auger spins at a slow speed (80 RPM) to ensure that the juice you make is as nutritious as possible.

 Tribest SW-2000-B Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer 

The dual-stage juicing system featured on this model ensures that you get an excellent yield and all of the nutrients your produce has to offer. This device features an adjustable end cap, allowing the user to control how much pulp they let into their juice. The end cap also has an integrated handle, making it easy for the user to hold the device when juicing. 

Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low-Speed Juicer

The Omega Vrt350 is a heavy-duty vertical single-auger slow juicer that can extract juice from whole foods, including leafy greens. This model is loved by many because it’s more efficient than other models on the market and still has a low-price tag. 

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicers B6000

The Kuvings B6000 is an excellent option for those looking to make a quick glass of juice without having to cut up their produce. This powerful machine features a wide chute so that users can drop fruit or vegetables in and press start to get great results.

A slow juicer can be an excellent choice for anyone who wants better tasting and healthier juices in less time. These five models are the best slow juicers on the market, making it easy for just about anyone to get fitter and easier juices.