Saturday, September 24 , 2022

The Toxic Relationship Between Empaths And Narcissists Explained

An empath is a person who is highly affected by other people’s energies.  They have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. Their life is unconsciously influenced by others’ desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods.  A narcissist  is a person who is overly self-involved, vain and selfish.  They have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others.  When these two types get into a relationship, it becomes highly toxic for the empath.

Empaths are often targets of the narcissist.  The narcissist essentially feeds off the kindness of the empath to satisfy their insatiable appetite for praise, attention, admiration, and power until the Empath is left emotionally drained, exhausted and powerless. This feeling of helplessness often explains why it is so hard for empaths to leave the relationship.

While it may be difficult to avoid narcissistic individuals completely, Empaths can protect themselves.  Beware of people who seem a little too preoccupied with their appearance, their status and what people think of them.  The key is to realize that Empaths are vulnerable in ways that others are not.  But, that does not make Empaths powerless.

Empaths can develop their sense of self-awareness and intuition by spending a few moments alone each day, especially when feeling overwhelmed or upset.

Don’t think, just listen. Trust your instincts. The answer will come to you. Then base your actions on that trusty intuition and not what someone else is telling you. The narcissist will never have your best interests at heart.

If you are an Empath in a relationship with a Narcissist, remember:  you are not powerless!  Knowing who you are and what you need will make it easier to draw the line between a first date with a charmer and a relationship from hell.  If you do find yourself in such a relationship, the best solution is to leave.  It’s not your job to fix someone else.

All you have to do is look after yourself.