The typical services a private investigator for a cheating spouse typically offers

The prevalence of cheating in relationships has reached a new high with the increase of social media. Online dating and swinger clubs are just a couple of the many ways people have found to be unfaithful. In order to protect yourself from being cheated on, you should hire someone to help you keep tabs on your significant other. If your relationship is strong and trusting, this investigative service can give you peace of mind when it comes to finding out what your potential partner is up to.

Many different services are available from private investigators including surveillance, stakeouts, background checks, document retrieval, and more! Which one will suit your needs depends on what exactly it is that you’re looking for. This post will go over some common types of investigative services that a private investigator cheating expert typically offers.

    1. Background checks

A background check is one of the best ways to get a feel for what someone might be like. It’s a good idea to run a background check before even meeting somebody face-to-face, and it’s especially important if you’re planning on getting married. Whether you’re being matched by your parents, browsing online, or meeting someone at an event, we all have our own way of finding and vetting potential partners.

Background checks will reveal previous/current relationships, criminal records, and past addresses. These can prove whether or not your partner is telling the truth about their past or if they have been lying to you. If your partner has a criminal record, it could be a sign that they can cause harm to you or even steal from you. Background checks can either be performed in person or online depending on the results that you are looking for and how much information is available for that person in particular.

   2. Surveillance

Surveillance is perhaps the most important and most commonly offered service. It is the best way to keep tabs on anyone. Surveillance will help you determine who your significant other is quietly seeing, where and when they are doing so, and even what they are saying about you when they are not with you. The only downside to surveillance is that it may take some time to complete depending on the information that you’re looking for. In addition to uncovering infidelity or lies, surveillance can provide evidence in court. For example, if your partner has been paying for expensive gifts or going out of town without telling you, surveillance could prove whether or not she’s been lying to you about her whereabouts during that time period.

In a nutshell, the private investigator would be able to keep track of suspicious activity. They might even know about certain dates where your significant other has been with his or her friends away from home, and if they’re going out of town for a specific period of time (among several other things). If they’re looking at their computer while they’re supposed to be working on something important (such as a project), then that’s definitely evidence that something’s up.  It might turn out that your significant other is simply doing what they’re supposed to do, but if they’re not giving you the details of their day-to-day business, then it’s fair game for the private investigator to look into it.

In the process of carrying out investigations, the private investigator will more often than not engage in the following activities;

   3.  Evidence Collection

A surveillance specialist often will try to capture images or other evidence to support a case against the suspected cheater. This can include recordings of small talk, seeing meetings in restaurants, and more depending on the situation and what a client requests.

The information that is collected needs to be 100% legal and verified before it can be used in court as well.

  4.   Witness Verification

In order for any evidence to be kept as admissible in court, it needs an unbiased witness who has seen this person committing adultery firsthand.  If the witness is a boyfriend or girlfriend that is a strong possibility.

Without this, the evidence will not be admissible in court.

5.  Research

There are instances where some cheating spouses try to cheat on their significant others with people that they have never met or interacted with (such as through online dating). When this happens, it may be important to make sure you have all of these facts and such information documented before any action can be taken (and it has to be 100% legal by all means).

6.   Contact Reports

This type of service assists you in contacting various people that you believe may be involved in your case and then having them explain their situation and answer any questions you may have about them as well.


Hire a cheating spouse investigation and surveillance and you’ll be able to avoid a lot of issues that could arise.  If you’re not sure if you have any proof for your suspicions, then hire a private investigator right away to get it for you. Private investigators usually have a number of tools at their disposal that they can use to help the case.