The Value of Dental Implants for Adults

By any other name it may be Glencairn, or Dental implants. Glen Lake, Oregon, Dental Care is one of the leading practitioners of this surgical procedure for adults. They are the only medical facility in the Pacific Northwest that provides this option and they have helped thousands of people to overcome the major dental issues they face in the world.

A dental implant is basically a metal rod, or shell, that is anchored in your mouth. It is similar to an anchor that is placed in your mouth to hold it in place. In a traditional dental filling, a metal rod is inserted through the gum and into the jaw bone. The same concept can be used to provide natural crowns.

The process of using a metal filling in the mouth is considered very safe and highly effective for many reasons, such as the fact that the permanent anchoring does not interfere with any previous or existing bone structure, is painless, and can be used in conjunction with traditional oral reconstructive work. Many people use dental implants as a means of correcting their teeth alignment after a traumatic accident or illness which has broken their tooth.

At Glen Lake Dental Care, we have been providing implant dentistry to adults for over 20 years. Our facility is known for its laser-assisted and ‘vital style’ reconstruction, and we strive to offer the highest quality in dentistry to the people of our area.

There are many reasons that people may seek help for a broken or misaligned tooth. One reason could be that a surgery may not be an option due to budget. Or perhaps they just need to have the tooth corrected, or reconstructed.

Orthodontics is the application of dental treatment on children and adults. During the 20th century orthodontics was almost exclusively applied to children, due to the fact that they would not stop moving or grow old enough to keep their teeth. Today, orthodontics is also becoming more common among adults.

Some adults notice changes in their teeth while they are still young. For example, a child may notice that his/her lower molars are expanding while they are still growing. Over time, with a lot of hard chewing, these areas will expand and the chewing muscle cannot support the additional weight anymore, causing the tooth to fall out of the socket.

This serious infection may cause the tooth to crack. The tooth will become so weak that it will eventually fall out of the socket and is completely replaced by a new tooth. If it is left alone, the infection will spread to the surrounding tissues and then in the mouth of the infant.

Before dental implants are used, the dentist needs to first remove the weakened area of the tooth with a scalpel. Once this has been completed, the dentist can place the implant in the socket that will be anchored.

Dental implants are great for adults because they are very flexible. Also, they do not pinch the nerve, unlike traditional dentures that are placed in the mouth for a very long period of time. This allows the natural bite to be restored.

Teeth can become misaligned due to gravity as well as age. A person’s bite may shift slightly in order to align their teeth, or the teeth may develop crookedness from wearing a denture too long.

Some adults may choose to have braces put on, or dentures installed. For many patients however, dentures simply do not fit properly or they do not look as good as they once did. Dental implants allow an adult to have the same type of appearance that they had when they were a child.