Things About Realtors You Should Know

Every industry has its inner workings. The top and the bottom players are usually well known on the inside. It also goes without saying that we all want to work with the best people possible. We also want our projects to be given priority. This is also true when we buy or sell a property. None of us can expect to become real estate experts overnight, but there are a few things you should know about Realtor Vancouver professionals before you start.

So what should you know about Realtor Vancouver professionals?

Clearly, saving money is also a bonus when dealing with real estate. However, are you interested in paying for a job well done even if it’s at a premium? Some of us are happy to pay for quality and then suddenly the top players become available to us. Regardless of your approach though, these are the key themes that will help you get started:

  • Realtor is a trademarked term
  • They can’t know everything
  • Timing is the main priority
  • They sell themselves, not just properties
  • Commission shouldn’t be negotiable

Realtor License

The term ‘Realtor’ is a trademarked name. It’s essentially the title given to someone who has passed specific Realtor exams. After passing those exams, they become a licensed Realtor and a member of a Realtor institution. Ongoing education is often part of their membership. In terms of professional work, there is no real difference with a real estate agent, however, a Realtor might be more up to date with legal and ethics policies. Also, some Realtors might have a specialism such as being a home appraiser or property manager. 

Property Knowledge

We are often very demanding of our real estate agents and Realtor Vancouver professionals. It’s almost as if we expect them to be both magicians and seers all at once. However, no single person can possibly know everything themselves. On the contrary, art is in knowing how to get information and who to get it from. How well networked your Realtor Vancouver professional is makes a huge difference. Also, some sellers are highly adept at hiding the defects and strange features that might exist in a property.

In addition, it’s worth noting that real estate agents and Realtor Vancouver professionals prefer working with sellers. It’s a done job, so to speak. On the flip side, buyers can change their minds. Imagine the frustration when showing a buyer 20 different properties only to find that they bought through someone else. As a potential buyer, the more you can reassure your agent that you are a true buyer, the more likely they are to give you the time and effort you deserve.


Always be upfront about your timing and expectations when working with Realtor Vancouver professionals. Like any good sales person, their key priority is to close the deal and move on. However, if you are clear about your approach then you can both work from a place of trust and openness.

If you’ve worked with real estate agents before then you’ve probably noticed that they’re always available. Again, like true sales people, they put clients first and always try to over-deliver. Of course some people abuse this and as you can imagine, this often leads to tense relations.


As you’d expect, sales agents and Realtor Vancouver professionals sell. That’s what they do. They are constantly selling properties as well as themselves. However, if you ask anyone what ‘selling’ actually is then you’ll probably get very different answers.

When it comes to selling, some might think of the traditional door-to-door salesman approach. However, the more widely used approach today is strategic selling. This is how a good Realtor Vancouver professional really makes the difference.

Strategic selling is about knowing your key players and how to influence decision makers. Who’s going to have the final say in a family of buyers? On the other hand, is the seller a ‘true’ seller or are they too emotionally tied to their house that they don’t really want to sell? Understanding how to manoeuvre through these dynamics is the art behind any great Realtor Vancouver professional.


Real estate agents and Realtor Vancouver professionals work on commissions. Naturally, you can try to negotiate this to save you some money. However, it’s worth remembering what that might do to someone’s motivation levels. Realtor Vancouver professionals are constantly juggling many buyers and sellers but they are also people who need motivation. It doesn’t mean they won’t be professional but someone who can pay them for a good job is more likely to get priority.

Final Thoughts on Realtor Vancouver professionals

All industries have their own way of doing things, although you can quickly pick up on key themes by talking to a few Realtor Vancouver professionals. As good sales people, they’ll present themselves as someone who can guide you through any selling or buying process. It’s worth remembering though that they can’t know everything but that you need trust and openness. They have a special Realtor license but essentially, they are the same as real estate agents. Simply interview a few and choose the one you think you can work with and that you’d be happy to pay. You have the power to choose your agent and how to approach your project so that you achieve what you want in the best possible way for you.