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Things I Learnt from Sachin Tendulkar

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Things I Learnt from Sachin Tendulkar

Things I Learnt from Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin TendulkarAs Sachin Tendulkar is going to retire soon, so I decided to list out things I learnt from high achiever like him. Cricket fans have so many things to learn from him but a normal person can also learn a few key ingredients to success from Sachin Tendulkar. Those ingredients are available in all successful people because without those you can’t reach your goal. So lets start listing out Mantras for Success

1. When we see Sachin Tendulkar making a century in a 3 hours match, we all celebrate it. Now behind that 3 hours match and century there is 300 hours of hard and dedicated work and without that practice he can’t become Sachin. So things to learn here that we need to keep going whatever is the condition, no one will be looking at us, no one will be caring us, we may feel bad but still we have to keep trying because to score 100 in that 3 hour match you must go through those 300 hours of hard work alone.

2. Sachin Tendulkar played in so many matches and he failed in so many matches but he kept doing what he could and time changed for him. I learn from here that we have to be resilient and immortal to failure because without failure there is no success. You need to fail to become successful. In his initial days in Indian Cricket team he said “Main girega par Khelega“. So in Sandeep Maheshwari’s words “Jo winner hai woh ekbar nahin, hazar baar girega aur khara hokar bolega ke main khelega“.

3. Sachin Tendulkar reached to the highest level of cricket because he dared to face the greatest bowlers like wasim Akram etc. If he never invited those toughest bowler to bowl him then he could never have achieved all this. I learn from here that we have to welcome with smile all the troubles, problems in life as they are going to teach me a lesson and will become a step for success. We should face all situations with courage. If I never had emotional problems then I could have never started www.sutradhar.info. I had two options that whether I must  surrender to my  emotional problem  and let the  life live on the mercy of my depression and other option was to fight with it. I choosed the second option and now I am master of my destiny, life, thoughts and emotions.

4. Last but not the least, Sachin Tendulkar never blamed or criticized anyone any situation, he just played his game. I learn here that we must take responsible for everything happening to us. If we can proudly share our success then we must learn to celebrate our failurs without blaiming situation, people and time. No situation comes with the level of problem or oppotunity. Situation is just a situation, we level it “Problem”, “Oppotunity”. If we keep going on our path then our life will be a message to the world.



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