Things Students Should Know

Considering old eras basic things like communication, Creativity, persistence, Resourcefulness were considered necessary for every student to know but the question is what students should know in this Modern and highly developing digital world. Here is our list of important things every student should know

1.Ways of learning

Every student should know about the digital means of learning, the way for finding information and saving it for their studies.They also should know digital methods of visual learning like on YouTube. Students should be able to appreciate the difference between visual learning through any video or learning by asking to do assignments for money and searching questions on a certain platform like Quora and Reddit.

2.Balance in relations

Students should know how to maintain balance in their physical or digital relations, the difference in both sorts of relation like in physical relation you can have eye contact, body language but your digital relations are all through your social account and social networking. Students should know how to maintain a healthy balance between both of their worlds without causing any relationship problems with their dear ones.

  1. Digital socialization

In modern work, digital socialization has become a basic necessity, students should also know the need for digital citizenship, effective way of data sharing, and also keep one thing in Mind anything shared on a digital platform spreads like fire so be a little cautious while sharing anything.

4.Knowladge about the Digital world

Students should have basic knowledge about the digital world and have an idea about private and social information. how to make changes according to desire, how to solve any problem legally, what you can provide to the digital world as an expert. Keep one more thing in mind to select only needed means out of infinite resources.


Students should also have basic knowledge about the means and right way of digital communication. What should be shared with a particular person or group, different types of social messages, emails, texts, and chats 

6.Informatiom technology

You should know how to use technology for informative purposes, the beneficial use of tablets, laptops, and desktops and what advantages you can get from the cloud, how to use technology for vast means like in health finance education, etc.

7.Behaviour and morals

While using the digital platform you have a huge audience, you should know how to select the time, language behavior for a particular audience, and what type of audience is listening to you. You should also know digital morals you can’t use your phone at the dining table even not because everyone is using it, you should know when to use it, what is acceptable to the human world, and norms.

8.Negative consequences

Students should also know about cyberbullying arrogance, passive-aggressiveness, character comments, how to avoid video game addiction, and how to secure your digital world.

9.Self management

You should know how to participate in social citizenship, how to manage and monitor attention. you should know about proper work platform, and skills, and must have basic knowledge about different pattern and opportunity, you should know how to manage all resources and prioritizing the most important things first.