Monday, September 26 , 2022

Things to Consider in Designing Business Signage

In a survey conducted by FedEx, signage is the first visual display that makes them visit business brands. As business owners, what does it imply on you?

Probably, you are thinking already that signage is a useful tool in both attracting and gaining more customers. Possibly, you are already contemplating about utilizing it as your marketing strategy. Well, you made the right choice.

However, in establishing a good one, take these guidelines to maximize the signage at its fullest fully. Thus, consider the following in designing your business signage:

Purpose of the signage

Since there are various types of signage, determine your purpose. Pick the signage that suits your primary goal. It also helps you in deciding where to place it.

Are you looking for signage that is best for both outdoor and indoor? Or you prefer only one of the two? Or is it for customer’s information purposes regardless of whether it is used inside or outside the business store?

Whichever of these, do know that the purpose says a lot with how you do your design. The designs for informational signage may not be suitable for any outdoor or indoor signage.

Outdoor or indoor signage may be designed well to attract many clients as soon as possible. Also, it can be customized in the form of 3D. If uncontented, lights can be added on it depending on the angle you prefer.

In signage that is best for information purposes, the information signage and directional signage is suitable for it. It explicitly gives customers a guide and clarity to whatever they need. Also, it makes it convenient for them.

Font styles

Font styles are commonly the first thing to note in business signage. The more readable it is, the higher the possibility of making it visible. Thus, it gives businesses a chance to mark a trade.

Since there are various types of font styles, you may consider choosing the important ones. As much as possible, find the font style used in your brand name. Preferably, use the brand’s lettering. Or otherwise, the closely related fonts within your brand name.

Additionally, make sure that the font style is versatile. Regardless of anything you do with the letters, it outstands still. It should be used in any possible designs to add on.

Symbols or icons

Regardless of your business brand, it is necessary to include icons or even the symbols in it. The use of these may help the brand to be more emphasized. Generically, there are company brands that use this strategy in their business signage.

Moreover, be careful in using symbols or icons. Pick on the most important ones that could help signify your business products. Ultimately, the goal of using logos or images is to highlight the products you are selling.

Like most other cases in other brands, if their business products deal with athletes shoes or any product relating to sports, they highlight it in their brand signage. Using the ShieldCo sport team signages, the purpose is achieved. It helps consumers to imply worthiness in their business brand.

Generally, since there are hundreds of people who are attracted with the visual appearance, make use of symbols or icons that pleasingly appeals towards them. Ideally, included in your front store business signage.


The colors have a significantly essential role. It adds attraction to the signage. Also, it allows the brand name to become more emphasized.  Possibly, business companies because more interesting.

The primary rule in selecting a color is the purpose it needs to convey. There are specific colors that signify a particular meaning. For instance, the color red is more appropriate for food businesses. The color green is suitable for any garden related activities.

Choose colors that may help you in addressing your business message. Selecting a color may be difficult. However, the purpose of using such may be in great help. Pick a color that helps you and running your business operations.

Moreover, the color to be used must also help your business brand-name to be readable and visible. Make it a target to hit both: attraction and promotion.

Metal to be used

If you are done designing your signage, look on what is the most suitable metal for it. You may talk to experts to help you. It is to check if the design is ideal for specific metal.

Since there are plenty of types, note on how it differs with one another although there are metals which are suitable for outdoor or indoor signage, secure on what’s best for your business signage design.


Over the years, many companies, either big or small, have used business signage as their marketing tool. However, using the appropriate design of the signage is not observed. These designs to follow may help you become outstanding to another competing brand.