Most of us have a very special relationship with our earphones. They are our buddies in a long commute to work or during the sweaty cardio session or possibly on the rainy afternoon at home. But isn’t it frustrating when we have to buy a new pair after every two months because the old ones suddenly stopped working?

 It sure is. It would seriously be awesome and quite nice on your wallet if you could find a pair of earphones that will last for a long time. But how do you know which earphones will be ideal for your device and a quality investment? 

Usually, when people need to buy earphones, they go for the design, price range, and brand. First, they check if the color will look okay with their device and if the earphones look stylish or not. Next, they will check the price and try to find budget-friendly ones. Lastly, they will check out the brand and see if the earphones are bought by a lot of people. 

Now the above three reasons might be okay to buy earphones but they are not enough. You can’t purchase your earphones just based on how they look, cost and are used by how many folks. To make sure that you don’t end up buying a pair you will eventually get irritated by, you should check the following factors as well before you hit the checkout button.


When it comes to buying the earphones online, intelligent customers don’t make the mistake to just check the style, price, and brand. Since there is no option of trying out before the purchase, the next best thing you can do is check the specs. Whether you are getting the Shure SE846 or some other earphones that have caught your eye, read the product specifications carefully. Make sure that you check the following tech specs: 

Impedance – is the word used when the resistance level between the earphone’s circuit and the electrical signal is measured. Usually, low impedance i.e. less than 25 Ohms is preferred when earphones are only going to be used for small devices like phones. Cell Phones do not have very powerful amplifiers, so earphones with less impedance will be perfect. But if you are looking for earphones that will work fine with your equipment or a big sound system, then go for the ones with 35 Ohms or more impedance; they are best for gadgets that have heavy amplifiers. 

Sensitivity and Frequency –refers to how loud your earphones can be and how much audio they can repeat. Always pick mid-level sensitivity as they are ideal for safe and sound music listening. Now to ensure that the frequency level is ideal as per your requirements, you need to check the kind of music you usually listen to. If you love listening to music with quality bass then you’ll be needing a pair of earphones with low bass frequency. 


After buying a lot of earphones, you must know by now that the design and style is not everything. You need earphones that can fit in your ears without causing any discomfort. So, the size and shape of the earbuds are very important. When buying online you can’t check the fitness level and see how much snug the earphones are. So the best way to avoid any painful encounters is to go for the ones that have rubber tips. Look for earphones that not only have rubber tips but do not have very pointy tips. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect ones that will comfortably nestle in your ears. 


By now you know that earphones are of lots of types and each type is for a different purpose. So before you start looking for a good pair you need to know why you are buying the earphones. Are they just for everyday music listening or do you want something that will work smoothly while you work out or some other reason? To help you figure out which earphones you should go for, here are the type of earbuds available:

  • Noise cancellation is something you should opt for if you don’t want to be disturbed by any noises. They are perfect for when you are listening to music while studying or trying to sleep.
  • Sound isolation is the type of earphones you need to go for if you love listening to quality music. They are designed to enhance the music quality and ensure that no other noises interfere while you listen to the playlist of your favorite songs. These earphones are really good for crowded places like trains, buses, cafeterias, etc.
  • Sweat-resistant earphones are your best friends while you workout. If you are a fitness freak and love lifting weights or going for that exhilarating morning jog, then these earphones are a perfect choice. They are designed to wick away the moisture built up from sweat. 


The last thing that will need your utmost attention while you choose the perfect earphones is whether you want wired ones or wireless. If you are someone who hates getting tangled up earphones and has to move a lot, then going for wireless earphones is the best choice. But Bluetooth earphones have their cons as well. They need to be charged now and then to ensure that they work seamlessly. If you think you might be unable to handle the charging routine, then go for the wired ones. You might have to detangle the wires a bit but you will have the earphones working without any break. 


Earphones are a very personal thing in our lives. The better they fit into our daily routine, the more comfy and relaxed we will feel. Hopefully, the things we have shared about earphones will help your online shopping experience go smooth and problem-free. Here’s to having the most sturdy and ears-fitting earphones ever!