Things To Do In Nepal Except Trekking

A true paradise of trekkers and multi-cultural enclave, Nepal is a universal gem with scintillating places. It’s home to the world’s highest mountain, ancient palaces, and cities overflowing with religious and historic sites.

Not the coolest in the world but museums in Nepal are marvelous. They have fine architectural work with idols and grand paintings from the past. Many religious shrines and durbar squares are centuries old and still look newly built, surprising visitors.

Divine chants flowing from sacred temples and monasteries fill the street delighting visitors. They can even hear the hum from nearby pot-house and small shops around the corner.

Far from the city, places in Nepal unrolls unique landscapes and wildlands stocked with rich vegetation. Lush green forests in national parks provide habitat to hundreds and thousands of wildlife and birds which is great to watch.

For travelers who refuse to encounter mobs can walk the dry trails of Upper Mustang. They are quiet and have deserted valleys with canyons, high cliffs, and monasteries to reward travelers.

Every street and corner in Kathmandu provides a comforting food house. From authentic local food to western cuisine, every delicacy is available here. In recent days, the restaurant has enhanced its culinary offering fine dining experience to travelers. Hence this is one of the great things to do in Nepal except trekking as visitors can spend days trying each dish.

What are the things to do in Nepal except Trekking?

For travelers who have never walked the soil of Nepal, this is definitely a matter of concern. But that’s just momentarily as looking back at the graph, Nepal has never failed to surprise its visitor. Whether it’s adventure aficionado or avid traveler, the country has plenty for every one of them especially hikers. But even beside trekking, there are many things to do in Nepal which has been highlighted in this article.

1. Everest Base Camp Tour via Helicopter

If not by trekking then we can reach Everest Base Camp via helicopter . It’s the adventure tour most travelers cheer on as the chauffeur skips walking the long trails of base camp.

The greatest joy would still be to gaze at the lofty Mt. Everest that shines all day long. Travelers on the flight also get to watch stunning Nuptse and Ama Dablam from as close as Kalapatthar.

Time shows no sympathy when traveling Everest Base Camp as the trip lasts only 2-3 hours. It takes travelers a maximum of 1 hour to reach Kala Patthar from Kathmandu. This amazing rocky mountain is also where the flight lands, providing a view of glistening snow peaks.

Flights on the way back from Kala Patthar often make a stop at Syangboche. In about half an hour of tea break, passengers fill their hearts with delicious food and local dishes. As anticipated, they get to watch the sky-high mountains and valleys from Hotel Everest View.

2. Explore Durbar Squares

Look no other than incredible Durbar Squares in Kathmandu to discover history and old artifacts of Nepal. They are the one and only historic institution that has carefully preserved the ancient monuments and crafts built during Malla.

Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur durbar square exhibit the prehistoric sites in Nepal. They are listed in the world heritage sites by UNESCO for their beauty and importance.

They help visitors connect with the Nepalese history with a string of wooden-carved temples, royal palaces, and stone statues. The narrow passage, old courtyard, and temples take visitors back to the golden days.

Constructed during the 15th century, the 55 window palace of Bhaktapur has quite a charm. Other attractions to impress visitors in durbar square include Hanuman Dhoka, Vatsala Temple, and Golden Gate. Also left is Kumari Ghar, beautiful Nyatopla Temple, and Krishna Mandir. This makes it clear that while planning the trip to Durbar square, leave yourself enough time.

3. Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park

If trekking in Himalayas allures visitors then so does jungle safari in the subtropical forest of lowlands. It provides travelers with an unforgettable adventure of running into exotic wildlife.

Almost half a dozen national parks in southern Terai provide travelers with a unique experience of jungle safari. Amidst them, Chitwan National Park is the oldest and most visited spot for safari and watching faunas.

It’s a dwelling to more than 700 wildlife and 68 species of mammals including clouded leopard and honey badgers. The former hunting ground has also provided habitat to Asian palm civets and Indian pangolins which can be seen from safari.

Other than the animals, travelers also get the privilege of exploring unique landscapes in the park. It’s not possible to go through each of them but people can sightsee the typical subtropical forest of Chitwan on safari. The vegetation ranges wide from grey downy balsam to rosewood and creepers.

4. Paragliding in Pokhara

A super chilling adventure with a mesmerizing view of snow peaks can only be grabbed at Pokhara. The city has scenery to-die-for, insanely good food and accommodation absolutely outclassed.

Its beauty starts from the quiet lake and ends with the soaring mountain of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre. Walking along the tranquil lakeside is one of the favorite activities of travelers to do in Pokhara.

But for thrill-seekers, nothing triggers like paragliding from Sarangkot. It has the visitors glide in the sky from the height of 1592 meters with the only support of harness. From Pokhara, it takes about half an hour to reach the point where paragliding is lunch.

It can be done at any available time. But those who’re smart paraglides the aircraft in at noon as it offers an incredible view. The sky is clear at this time so the flyer can easily spot Annapurna massif, watch the spectacular landscapes, and relaxing lakes.

5. Fishing in White River

Even though it’s a landlocked country, Nepal is no short of roaring white rivers. Flowing from the Himalayas, most of them feed on glaciers and form tributaries for streams and rivulets. The job doesn’t finish here as these rivers also provide habitat to wide species of fish and a good time for fishers.

They accommodate hard-core anglers both amateur and pro, allowing them to have a fair chance of catching fish. For its easy access to Kathmandu, Trishuli River is regarded as a prime spot for white water fishing.

The catch in the river can differ from angler to angler as it nurtures varieties of fish. Yet, most fishers have been rewarded with Golden Mahseer, Trout and Carp in Trishuli. Finding fish is not tough in Balephi either as its rich water has helped grow giants like Silver Mahseer and Catfish.

This has half work done as the rest depends on what fishing gear you choose to catch the fish. Pay little attention while choosing the best rod and ultralight spinning reel . Make sure that the latter features anti-reverse bearings while the rods give good casting distance.

Use a monofilament line as they don’t tear easily, give good backing, and cost a few bucks. If it’s possible, carry yourself a plastic bait soaked in the aroma so that it’s easy to lure the fish.