Things to Know When Moving to the UK from Japan 

Moving to an entirely different ‘world’  can be a very daunting task, not made easy by the stark contrast in almost every way possible. However, this guide can help make your move to be smooth and less obscuring.

Here are things to know when moving to the UK;

When you are moving from Japan to the U.K., the first thing you need to know is that the UK is not equal to England/London. UK comprises of many islands (Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland, and Ireland inclusive).

The varying accents might be a shocker.

Although most people from overseas might love the London English accent, the UK has a whole load of accents throughout the islands.  There are Oxford, Cambridge, Welsh, and MLE, Midlands, and so on. So you might have to strain your ears a bit depending on whom you are conversing with. Therefore, you will need your English language to be more than conversational. 

Working in the UK

If you are moving to the UK to work, it is most likely that you have a job already. If not, getting one should be the only priority. There are online apps such as Gumtree, Monster, Indeed, Totaljobs, Glassdoor, etc. which boasts lots of openings across the Islands to help you in your search. Job-hunting in the UK can be very competitive, and the government is seeking to add more jobs amidst the post-Brexit saga.

Access to one of the best health service 

The UK has a National Health care system that helps to subsidize health services across the country. Even as an ex-pat, you will be covered by these services. The UK has also got one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and you will not have to miss Japan much.  

Housing in the UK

As with most major cities, living in places like London, Dublin, Manchester, and co can be very expensive. Outside of these cities, however, it is possible to find better rentals even in suburban areas. Some cheaper places to rent are East Lothian and Midlothian, North Lanarkshire, Falkirk Scotland, Northumberland, England.

Know the emergency numbers.

If you are coming from a country like Japan or elsewhere, the concept of these numbers is not new. Emergency numbers in the UK are highly responsive and crucial knowledge. The numbers you shouldn’t forget are 999 (general emergency) and 111.

Your finance and banking in the UK

With lots of international banks in the UK, organizing your finances should not be an issue. Before you fund your account, you should compare the rates which the bank offers to the public rates (Google it). Most banks will likely increase their rates to get a good profit at your expense.

Visas and work permits

This is one of the big hurdles in moving to the UK; pass this hurdle, and your move is all secure. With the added complexities of Brexit, the process of getting a UK Visa is a little harder. The UK has lots of Visas options for immigrants, and the costs also vary. You should start your visa application process earlier to avoid delays. 

 Wrapping Up

The English people are generally good-natured and will not pass up an opportunity for a good joke. Their surprising climates will mean that shops and most establishments retire early for the day, and Sunday trading is a little restrictive. 

You can make several English friends by complementing their weather and joining in their love for Tea. Enjoy your move to the UK, and remember “God save the Queen”.