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Things We Hated Wearing While Growing up (And Even Later On) but Had to

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There’s not a person in the world that doesn’t feel awkward during their tween and especially teen phase. You’re not a kid anymore but you’re also not a grown-up. Britney Spears put this feeling into words in her song “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”. This was the hymn of tweens and teens back in the day.

It’s not enough that you don’t know what’s happening with your body and why you’re sweating when talking to a girl, or why you are blushing when talking to a boy and etc. all of a sudden your eyesight started to fail. And you had to start wearing, a teen’s worst nightmare. Eyeglasses.

What’s worse? Having to wear eyeglasses, dental braces or a hearing aid since you were a kid, and start feeling conscious about your looks in your tween years because of them. Or having to start wearing some of these in your tween years and feeling conscious about your looks because of them.

What’s funny is that some people start experiencing this kind of feeling late into adulthood and start acting all funny and awkward.

We know one thing for sure and that is that these things helped us and still help us!

Dental Braces


To visit the dental clinic is for most people an unpleasant experience. But most of the time it is absolutely necessary. One of the worst things that can happen to us while being in our awkward tween years is an “announcement” from your parents that you are going to have to wear a dental brace. What a nightmare, that was.

The worst part is that this wouldn’t even be such terrible news if you didn’t have to wear them for at least three years! We can only imagine the pain of kids who had to go through this… But thanks to those “ugly” dental braces those kids (now adults) have beautiful and pearly white teeth today!

A little sacrifice for something that will bring us good, in the long run, isn’t as bad as you thought when you were a kid. If only we had the wisdom of years back then!



So, we did put an accent on tweens and teens. But there is a period in our life that we start acting awkward and silly, although we have become old enough to be someone’s grandma. That’s why many elderly people when having a problem with hands, for example, don’t even want to hear about wearing a thumb splint or something similar! No, no, no.

They are absolutely in denial about needing any kind of aid. We aren’t exactly sure if this has to do with them being ashamed for needing help or they simply being plain stubborn. But the fact remains. They hate wearing splints!

Maybe some people just can’t accept that they are getting old? But as soon as they understand that aging is a normal process of every human life, they get over themselves and start wearing them. And you know what? They always feel absolute relief.

Prescription Glasses

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Having to wear prescription glasses as a kid is an absolute nightmare. Many kids don’t even want to admit they can’t see in order to avoid wearing glasses. All of these “aiding” things we mentioned above absolutely help us medically to feel better and look better. But some people and, kids especially, just don’t get that.

And that’s where the teasing starts. Name-calling like four eyes and bug-eyes is a reality for many kids. And even some adults! So it’s no wonder that many people don’t admit to not seeing in order to avoid humiliation from other people.

But as soon as we get over other people’s comments and opinions we start realizing that we are great just as we are. And some of the most famous and wise people wore eyeglasses! So it’s no wonder that most geniuses in movies wear glasses!

Hearing Aid

Hearing aid

We can start wearing a hearing aid at any time in our life. And just like any other aiding “thing” from this list, it’s there to help us. Help us see, have a nice smile, help us with bone or muscle pain and this item is here to help us hear.

Sometimes, because of various medical conditions, kids have to start wearing a hearing aid. And that wouldn’t be a particular problem (and it isn’t) if kids and even adults weren’t so mean sometimes. Teasing and name-calling seem to be a part of life, no matter what we do or need to wear.

That’s also probably the reason why so many adults don’t want to start wearing a hearing aid. They are afraid they will be made fun of. Which is absolutely absurd. None of the things on this list is something to laugh about.

And the sooner we get that, the sooner we’ll become happier.


Although some of these things used to represent a nightmare for us (and some still have a fear of it today) as soon as we grow up, no matter what that means, we realize that things arent as bad as they seemed. The most important thing to remember is that our confidence is the key to a happy life! Everything else just comes and goes.