Things You Might Want to Know About Having a Loft Storage in Your Garage

Aside from the kitchen and bedroom, our garage is also an essential place in our house because it is where we protect our vehicles from damages and thieves. If your goal is to store extra items in the garage without consuming any area or floor space, you need to start adding loft storage to your garage. It is perfect so that your vehicles are parked without bumping into scattered items on the floor. With that said, here are the things you might want to know about having loft storage to your garage.

How Important is The Loft Storage in Your Garage?

Adding a garage loft storage is an excellent idea if you want to add extra items to your garage. The space it will provide can be used to remove the things you hang on your vehicles’ top. If the floor space in your garage is sufficient, you can easily install loft storage to your garage to give enough room for your vehicle’s windshield. Just like other building improvements, your garage loft storage should follow a plan. The covered parking space is on the main entry, while your loft storage will provide more room to store your belongings.

Unlike an apartment garage, the top part of the storage loft is frequently used as a storing area for tools and other items, and it doesn’t have any furniture or electronics. Sometimes it’s unfinished, and you can use and access it through the pull-down staircase.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas and Design

  • Make a Ladder

Walk-up and pull-up ladders might work, but it’s not for everybody. One of the best ideas is to make a ladder for the loft storage by sticking different woods into its studs. Since the created ladder is attached to the wall, there is no need to worry about things like random movements while climbing down or up.

  • Add a Lift to Your Attic

The lifts to your attic are elevators for the items which will help you move things into the attic. With the attic lift, you’re not required to carry heavy loads going to the loft. You can create the lift by yourself, or if you want to make your life easier, you can buy an electric attic.

  • Pull The Loft Stairs In With A Tackle and Block

If there’s a pull-up stair for the loft, you will be safer, and you’ll have better accessibility. If you are still using ladders, there’s a constant worry about maintaining your balance when you are carrying items or boxes. With that said, it’s easy to avoid the problem if you add a walk-up stair with the help of a ladder that you can pull up. It’s pretty easy to raise your ladder down or up when it’s needed with a tackle and block. If you don’t want to build it, you can purchase the electric ladder lift.

  • Make The Walk-Up Staircase Work

If you are still deciding on adding a walk-up stair because you think it’s more convenient, you might want to use it as a storage space. Shelves or under your stair cupboards can increase the storage area space while giving easy access to the loft storage in your garage.


If your goal is to have an organized and perfect garage where you can store many items you wish to keep, you need to start adding a storage loft in your garage. It’s an ideal storage unit to keep all unnecessary things and belongings on the garage without the need to consume the floor space where you should park your vehicles.