Things you should consider before using pest control repellents

The repellents are not like pesticides used only to kill the insects. The pesticides products labelled as repellents are not launched to destroy or kill the pesticides.

The repellents are coming in a skin application solution, that prevents mosquitos’ bites, cockroaches’ bites and ant bites. The pest control repellents used to apply on skin are to avoid the insect bites. There are other some common pest control repellents available, let’s see their types.

The types of Insect Repellents 

  1. Fans

Fans avoid the pests and control it. Example: Lite weight pests like mosquitos and common flies will fly away when you switch on your fans.

  1. Coils

Coils keep away the pests like mosquitos and bugs from your area. Lighten the coils where ever you want to get rid of pests.

  1. Skin Lotions

Some repellents come like a lotion format, you can apply it on your skin to avoid the pest’s bites. This lotion is effective for ant bites, bugs bites, and mosquitoes’ bites.

  1. Torch lights

Some pests like rat, cockroaches and mice have a fear for lights and heat. 

  1. Candles

Even the candles emit some heat that makes pests to get rid of your home.

Pest control repellents comes in a candle form too with some natural smell that irritates the pests.

  1. Soap water agents

Some solvents are coming in a soap water agent, that makes pests to keep away from your houses.

Things need to understand 

Before using the wearable repellents and other repellents check the label and understand the limits and dosage of use. some repellents indicate outdoor use, and some indicates indoor use. So, don’t confuse and use without the read the instructions.

The date of manufacture / expiry 

Before buying any pest, control repellents check for the date of manufacture and buy the recent dated products. If you stock the products, while before use check for the date once and if you found out of date through it off immediately. The expired products create more problem then pests.

  • The usage area

Check the coverage are of pest control repellents, don’t use the outdoor repellents for indoor an vice versa. 

  • Age limits

Some pest control repellents come in the instruction of “keep away from the kids”. So, don’t use such pest control repellents in the children area or in case of skin lotions don’t apply that kind of skin lotions to the kids.

  • Pregnancy women

Should always take care while using the pest control repellents in home having kids and pregnancy women. Some repellents cause damage to their health and even the smell affects them.

  • Effects of water on their use 

Some pest control repellents cause itching if any water drops fall on their application area. In that case stay away from the water when you apply skin repellents.

  • Direction of use

Before the usage of pest control repellents, read the instructions twice and start use the products in a correct direction 

  • Allergy Test/Side effects 

Don’t apply or treat the pest control repellents on a whole place, first check for spot test. Apply on small portion and leave it to some minutes if you find any itching or allergy don’t use the products. Always check for the side effects before using.

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