Manufacturing a package seems to be tedious some times and unnecessary at other times. However, those who aim to maximize their product value and profit know that this headache is worth it in the end. They know that designing an eloquent package is just as important as manufacturing the product. But is it enough to create a superficial box that is sturdy but on the inside it’s nothing more than a piece of paper?

Resultantly, custom inserts or dividers play a huge role in product packaging. They add to the apparent appeal of the product and the packaging. And also serves a greater deal in the sense of product maintenance. But when placing dividers, you need to be certain that these are not complex for the customers. Because this convolution can keep the customers from buying the product. So, getting the insert or divider for your custom printed boxes at the right place is important for:


If your product is bound to travel long distances then loose encasing won’t be of any use. Dividers or inserts keep the product in place and protect them from any outside stress like pressure. In other words, you confine the product in its uniform place and don’t let it move around in the package.

It can be of great help if the manufactured product is fragile and can be destroyed when passing through the supply chain. The dividers protect the product in the case of open packages. If your package is not sealed properly, the custom inserts will hold your products and minimize the chance of product felling.


People hate complexities. You need to put your divider or custom insert in the right place but not too hard that it brings the customer to the point of vexation. Be sure that the insert holds the product in place and does not seal it in the package. If the package is of high quality, its tearing will be difficult so the consumer may leave or return the product. Hence you need to keep it simple and manageable.


So, what if you designed a custom divider or insert, but it doesn’t fit the product perfectly? It is a new problem. But you can always solve it by thinking logically. Spaces in the dividers can be used as a wonderful marketing tool. You can add brochures or flyers of identical or related products in your divider. That will utilize the space and your products are marketed easily.

If there is more space left, or if the package is too large, you can always cover it up by including small gifts or other products’ samples. Customers love gifts and you can yield higher conversion rates.

One of the newest things to do is inserting a promotion offer, or review form, or membership card in the insert. This can help in proper confinement of the product and also in marketing your brand.