Monday, September 26 , 2022

This Crazy Zoo Has a Thrilling Twist, it Locks Visitors in Cages and Lets Animals Roam Free!


By Earthables

The Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in China is pushing the limits of human and animal interaction by putting a thrilling spin on the traditional zoo experience—visitors pay to be locked in cages while hungry tigers, bears, and lions freely roam around them!

The unique twist gives visitors a face-to-face experience with dangerous predators without any of the usual risks—like, you know, getting eaten alive—which is admittedly a change from the boring experience you get from conventional zoos that let you view animals from a safe distance.

Visitors are kept in a truck with a giant cage in the back that slowly drives through the zoo’s large animal enclosure. The establishment encourages visitors to dangle large chunks of raw meat on the end of sticks or use live chickens as bait to get animals to come even closer, but you have to be careful not to put your hand out or it could also become lunch!

Bengal tigers, white tigers, bears, lions, and bears are just some of the animals visitors can look forward to seeing up close and personal. The zoo’s unique service is so popular, tickets sold out for the first three months after it opened in 2015!

Who knew the idea of getting locked in a cage with wild beasts roaming around would be so appealing people would actually pay money for the experience?

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