Thursday, October 6 , 2022

This Homeless Man Sits At A Piano And Reminds Us Not To Judge People


It is very easy for all of us to quickly judge someone by their appearance, but we need to keep reminding ourselves that the most unlikely people may possess the most amazing minds and talents no matter how unfortunate their circumstances.

And the video you are about to watch proves just that. This homeless man sat at a piano with the intention of making a few bucks but it has now reached the hearts of millions around the world. Have a listen let it make you stop and think about many brilliant and talented souls you may be passing on the street everyday.


The man in the video is Donald Gould a 51 year old who turned to substance abuse when his wife passed away which led to him to end up homeless living on the streets. Since the video has gone viral Gould is said to have been offered employment opportunities and may even star as a street performer.

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