Saturday, October 1 , 2022

This Video Will Convince You to Ditch Your Cell Phone

This Video May Convince You to Ditch Your Cell Phone

As smart technology increasingly infiltrates our lived experiences, we as individuals, communities, and a society need to think and talk about whether and how smart technologies should be incorporated into our daily lives.

While smart phones have benefits — they connect us to friends and loved ones and allow us to keep useful apps at our fingertips, for instance — they’re not without downsides.

Exposure to an influx of information and sensory stimulation encourages multitasking, which diminishes productivity.

Obsessive social networking has been shown to actively harm relationships and mental health.

This video makes that last point clear: When everyone in a group of friends is mass tweeting over lunch, it’s clear they aren’t bettering the relationships right in front of them.

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