Three Jobs With Very Good Future Prospects:

Trying to determine the right path for your professional life? Would you like to know which jobs will be in the highest demand, offer the highest wages and the best opportunities for advancement once you complete your studies? Here are three jobs that will experience the fastest growth, boast top job levels, and offer a range of incentives for promotion.

Once you see the jobs that will make your future shine, you can take this career test to determine whether you are destined for glory in that particular field. 

Video Game Designer

If you are an IT enthusiast, this job is for you. Over the past decade, the $140-billion gaming industry has more than tripled in size. The rise in popularity, processing power, and visuals capabilities of smartphones have powered up a new world of employment opportunities for video game designers, artists, and developers beyond the booming industry for PC and console games.

Game designers with expertise in app development will particularly be in high demand as smartphones and tablets keep changing the way video games are played. Emerging technologies and rising demand for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications will also support game designer jobs.

Network Administrator

As companies invest in new computer systems and network technology, competition for network administrators will increase to maximize efficiency and gain strategic advantages. The rapid development of mobile devices and cloud technology into corporate culture means that more organizations will use the web to conduct businesses online. This will allow providing jobs to network administrators and network managers who can help the companies use these technological innovations safely.

Digital Content Specialist

Evidently, with an increasing number of people unable to keep their phones aside, mobile phones are the network for businesses to reach potential clients. The mobile market has been around for only ten years, and there is a never-ending, constant need for fresh content that breaks through the noise. Organizations need people who, through the vast crowds, will showcase their products and services to others. In the future, there will be a high demand for new marketing individuals who can think with expertise in the digital environment.

There is also an ever-increasing demand for working remotely and freelance jobs, so it can be seen that this specialism is becoming increasingly popular in the future (it’s already on the rise). You will need to fully understand internet marketing, write copies, and even be adept at graphic design to excel in this area.

 It can be tough to decide which of these careers you would like to pursue, but make sure you cross-check these fields with your skills to know what job suits you the best.