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Thrill Or Addiction?


Gambling is both fun and thrilling, if gambling online were boring, then millions of people across the globe would not have it as their top leisure activity by choice. However, there is a fine line between the thrills that come with gambling and the well-publicized dangers of addiction that so many punters fall foul of. Addiction is increasing in society and gambling addiction is one of the fastest-growing concerns today. It is a complex issue with many causes and there is no magic bullet that can treat it.  The sufferers already feel trapped in their own personal hell with no escape in sight. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, or gambling, dealing with this problem is most effective when shared.

The Online Craze

What is tipping many punters over the edge and into the realms of addiction, is the accessibility of online casinos. In 1996 gambling brands made their products available to the masses via the internet. For the first time ever, anyone of legal gambling age could join a casino and gamble to his or her heart’s content. This would be fine if all members of society were responsible and knew their limits, but the human mind is a most complex thing that regularly does not do the right thing. Factor in that a new wave of inexperienced gamblers were playing at casinos for the very first time and the potential for trouble increased markedly

Chemical Reaction

When you gamble chemical reactions take place in your body, the higher the staking the bigger the reaction. Many people report getting a so-called buzz from gambling and this is literally because adrenaline floods the system and gives you a rush of energy and excitement. Dopamine also floods the brain enhancing the feeling of euphoria. You can literally get high on the way your body responds to the thrills of gambling.

Signs and Symptoms

If gambling and the need to gamble is the number one thing that occupies your mind, then you are heading for a head-on collision with gambling addiction. If gambling eases the realities of life that you cannot deal with, such as stress, depression, or bereavement, then you are heading towards being a problematic gambler.

This temporary buzz that gambling gives you that makes you forget your troubles can in fact lead to compulsive gambling behavioral patterns. Whenever you feel down or lose control, chances are that you will turn to gamble to feel better. Eventually, you will need to gamble with increasing amounts of money to get a rush and this will lead to financial problems if you keep losing.

Lying to conceal the fact that you are gambling and continuing to gamble even when you lose continuously are also signs that help should be sort. Otherwise, you will spend hours gambling instead of completing everyday chores such as work commitments.

Final Thoughts

There is a fine line between casino gambling for fun and playing at casinos due to addiction. If you control how much you spend and seek help if you show signs of addictive behavior, then you can halt gambling addiction before it becomes problematic.