Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site

Tips: 12 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site in 30 Days

Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site

Most businesses, even if they do not take an active approach to public relations, occasionally see their names appearing in online media. This reference to the name of the brand or business in the online space is called Brand Mention.


Undoubtedly, any type of advertising can increase brand awareness and increase real human website traffic. These ads can be clicked, matched, social media marketing, Google Ads, and… or even on TV, written, and environmental. Of course, according to your budget, you should choose your advertising media so that you can have more inbound traffic. Advertising and online marketing usually work better.

2- Presence in social networks

One of the best ways to increase site traffic is to use social media. Through various content distribution channels, you can advertise your content and work with a content link to direct users to your site.

3- Types of content

Content types help you to diversify and get more incoming traffic. With a variety of content formats, you can provide what the audience wants. Sometimes you can use video content on video streaming platforms, sometimes you can go for long and short text content.

4- Attractive title

The first thing that catches the audience’s eye is the attractive title. The better, more engaging, and more useful your titles are, the more click-through rates you get and the more traffic your site gets. The title is the content that makes the rest of it readable and engaging.

5- Keywords

The better and more accurately you choose your keywords, the more traffic your website will get. Users search based on their needs and intentions, so you need to choose keywords more accurately, and usually longer and more segmented keywords attract more traffic.

6- Creating referral traffic (Referral)

You should do something so that a backlink will be sent to you from different platforms and media and you will be able to generate referral traffic. The better and more engaging your content is and the better your credentials will be.

7- Email marketing

Targeted email marketing & Advertising is one of the most effective and effective communication and advertising methods that many businesses large and small use. This method helps you to increase the incoming traffic of your site. You can also ask users to subscribe to the newsletter and access your new content. So, clicking on the content link will increase the traffic to your website.

8- Responsive site

Mobile First is one of Google’s most important algorithms for ranking and displaying your content on the search results page. Since most users enter your site through smartphones and tablets these days, your site design should be fully responsive and displayed properly on any screen. This will give you better performance on the results page and get more traffic.

9- Improving the speed of the site.

Have the best content but if your site does not have a good user interface and user experience, it is of no use. One of the most important things in determining the best experience for a user is the speed of the site. A site that is slow will not have many customers and as a result, your traffic will gradually decrease.

10 – Use of analytical tools

Analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which provide valuable information and reports for free, can help you increase your site traffic. With these tools, you can find out what the problems are, how your campaigns are performing, or exactly where your inbound traffic is. That’s why you can increase your traffic by fixing existing bugs or investing in and strengthening better segments.

11- Holding the event.

Holding face-to-face events, such as webinars, help a large audience to visit your site to register, download files, and learn about event details. So the incoming traffic to your site will increase.

12 – Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who have a lot of followers and can influence people. So running joint campaigns with them and influencer marketing can drive a large number of users to your site at a certain time.

Ways to increase site traffic.

Increase website traffic by editing old content.

There is a variety of content on our site that we have spent and worked on producing and publishing in the past. So, we have to reuse them as much as we can. Some of this content can be updated and others you can make more complete and richer. But when the content is fresh, it is valuable to Google, and on the other hand, the audience is faced with up-to-date content, and this helps to improve your site traffic.

Summary: How to increase your site traffic?

The battle of all businesses in the online space is to be able to have more customers and thus increase their sales. Depending on the sales funnel, a large number of users will come to your site in the beginning and then some of them will leave as a real buyers. So, to increase your conversion rate, you should seek to increase website traffic at Targetedwebtraffic.com so that you can attract more audiences to you.