Tips for the Best Shoes

Many people think that shoes are not very important, wearing any sort of shoes will look good. But for me they are simply uncultured because your appearance is not only about your features, color or dress, the whole look [plays the part. The arts person will acknowledge my idea, and its ode snot means that those who do not study arts have not got any good aesthetic taste. 

In this article we will try to find out how one can get the best shoes, because now we have got the trend of online shopping and apart format that many people buy shoes in a hurry because their mental states continuously say them that it is of secondary importance, believe it or not, this is what I have observed. Take, for example, the shoes for heel spurs, these are the sorts of shoes, everybody needs to wear, but it has nothing to do with the designs of the shoes. 

Let us have a deep analysis of how we can get the perfect pair of shoe for ourselves, the reason for using the word ourselves was the ineligibility of others, you cannot expect anybody to go buy shoes for you unless it is your mother who is buying. As no one will ever understand the perfect shoe for your feet. 


As you grow the size of your foot changes, older people must be thinking that they have attained the maximum size for their foot. You are not correct here, because with each passing year our foot size changes it either gets bigger or smaller. 

The reason is the level of calcium in our bodies. So, whenever you go out to buy some good shoes, make sure that the size is an accurate fit for you. 

    2. Find the Bigger Foot 

Yeah, it sounds weird, but it is true for most of us. Our one foot is larger than the other, you must know which foot it is and tell the vendors about this issue. Many times, the vendors do not believe it but at the time of purchasing you must insist otherwise leave the shoes. 

   3. Check the Shape 

Now, this is the real issue, the shoe manufacturers normally do not get this point, whenever they make long shoes, they make it wide, this is what I have noticed. Do not be a fool, to buy a loose shoe, especially if it is a sandal.

Try to buy those shoes, that look like your feet. 


Notice the sole of the shoe, if it has not got ridges on it. then do not buy it, it and be slippery. Always buy soles with great grip, otherwise, there will be a high risk of slipping. In the case of heels, you must also consider the same criteria.

       5.The material of the Shoe 

Make sure that the body of the shoe is made up of soft and flexible material so that you can move easily while wearing those shoes.