Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Tips for Trekking


Trekking can be one of the best sport for those who love nature. There are various tips which can be followed for enjoying smooth and safe trekking.

In this article, we will see what measures can be taken for making your trekking tour a very safe and ultra smart trip. It can be hectic if you are not going to check certain things before leaving your house.

Sometimes, people think that going for a trek is a very difficult task, thus they tend to join trips and tours,  such as a trip to Kilimanjaro trek or companies, who are offering trekking to various renowned parts of a region.

Whenever you think of trekking the very first word that will come to your mind is mountains, tough hill and climbing, if you have never been to mountains then you must sit down and think of what can happen when you are travelling north for climbing a mountain.

The trekking difficulty is related to various things, for instance, the path, the altitude the ascent and descent. Similarly, the weather is also the main culprit for numerous difficulties while trekking.

Trekking is normally popular in teenagers, youngsters and old aged retired population. Our working class is least interested in this activity which is because of a shortage of time and awareness.

Trekking on a regular basis can help in boosting up the level of oxygen and muscle strength. Just as a daily walk can affect your entire body similarly a one or two day trek will also have some positive effects on you.

1. Wear the Right Shoes

The very first thing which plays a very crucial role in trekking is the type of shoe you are going to wear.

Make sure that when you are buying shoes, you have asked the seller about the type of shoe and what sort of activities it can bear.

In my opinion, you must check the strength of that shoe online because the salesmen will only convince you that those shoes are the best.

2. Do not Forget to Have Your Rain Coat

Rains are quite unpredictable above the hills. Having a lightweight raincoat with you can help you get through the rainy weather.

3. Train

If you are planning to go on a longer trek then try to start your trekking training quite early.

These training sessions can be availed at your gym, simply ask your trainer to help you get a fit body for trekking.

4. Practice the Bags

Now, you will have to train your body for lifting as much weight as your bag would have.

You must practice this on a daily training session. Along with it, you will also have to learn about how to unpack your bag and tent. This will be fun for beginners who are only going for discovering new things.

5. Creating a Journal and Informing

You must write your diary about your practice session and keep it with you while you leave. This activity will help you in remembering what you need to do in certain situations.