Tips to Find the Best Affordable and Cheap Maxi Dresses

Today, the concept of maxi dresses has revolutionized. Ever since the popularization of street-style, fashion is no longer limited to the hurly-burly of fashion shows. It has drifted off the runways to the streets. As for the maxi dress, it is no longer associated with proms and pageants only. Today, they are being adorned as a style statement. All thanks to the fashion influencers, maxi dresses have become their favorite in-trend items.

Women are wearing maxi dresses to work looking polished and elegant, something that would have shocked the bystanders a couple of years ago. But a simple maxi dress put together with a formal blazer and classic heels is just the look you want as the girl boss. 

Pairing a maxi dress with Chelsea or lace boots is the go-to look for young girls going to music festivals like Coachella. Moreover, maxi dresses accessorized with headscarves are creating uproar as everyone’s favorite summer look. To satisfy that biker girl in you, you have the option of pairing your maxi dress with a leather jacket on top; a style often featured on the social media handles of influencers during the fashion week. In short, there are so many ways you can style your maxi dress.

Unlike an abundance of styling tips available online, you will find limited tips when it comes to finding a low budget, affordable, and cheap maxi dresses. Rest assured, by the time you finish our guide; you will have a reformed mindset regarding that maxi dress you have in mind.

Online Stores

As compared to in-house clothing stores, stores that strictly operate online have affordable & cheap maxi dresses with modest prices. With detailed, user-friendly websites, the dresses can be filtered through the various options in terms of size (small, medium, large, x-large, one size), color, price, and style (strapless, chic-long sleeves, floral). You can avail seasonal sales, discounted prices, or save big on offers that last throughout the year. The accurate and detailed size charts can help you find the right size. Moreover, the high-resolution photo shoots of models wearing the dresses can satisfy all your doubts about how they would look on your body type.

Trick the Seller

First off, you need to resolve your maxi dress mindset. Stores and designers cash on the idea of maxi dresses as they are associated with glamour, fancy, formal events, and making grand entrances. Similarly to bridal gowns, the significance and scale of the event will determine the price. Therefore, the first step is to detach from the event and focus on finding just the dress.

Trick the seller when you shop for a maxi dress. When you are asked by the lady at the store, “What’s the event?” You don’t want to spill everything. Your answer can cost you a ton of money or get you an excellent price. For example, you can say,” Lately, I am into restyling my outfits, so I am looking for a flowy, long dress that grazes the floor. It should create a silhouette and has a bohemian appeal” Your answer screams “maxi dress” but the lady at the store doesn’t know that. Now she knows your purpose. Since you are restyling your outfits, you are looking for an economical price. Maybe you will end up buying more than one. As a result, she will make sure that as per your description, she can find you similar dresses at affordable prices.

Rental Stores (Online and in-store)

Rental stores cater to those young girls and women that are all about that one time look. Finding a maxi dress for a prom, wedding, or even a formal event can be extremely expensive. If you love looking at those floor-glazing, designer outfits making their way through the runway but are surprised at the price tag, rental stores are the place you need to look for. A little research can help you find the best rentals for designer dresses.

Many stores operate online, but you can also find them in your local market. Often such stores are opened by the locals at their home with a variety of services available. For example, you can not only try the styles of your choice, but you can also avail of their seamstress services in case a dress requires fitting. It is essential to wear a maxi dress that hugs your body and compliments your curves. You must never go for a loose-fitting maxi dress even if it’s a rental. With rental stores, you can be that runway girl, adorning a beautiful maxi dress on your special night minus the pricey-tags.

Thrift Stores

Online thrift stores are going big. With major, well-established stores like Macy’s and J.C. Penney selling second hand and affordable clothing from ThredUP, this modern trend is here to stay. Although the concept of online thrift stores is quiet new, traditional thrift stores have always been a part of your local market. These are the stores where you can find bounties of timeless pieces of clothing items in all colors, styles, and sizes. You could experiment with your style by trying them on to your heart’s desire. Thrift stores can be an ideal place for you to find your maxi dress, given a) You are looking for a cheap dress and b) You are okay with laundered second-hand items.  

Maxi dresses are great to own as they can be worn on any event — formal or casual. Never miss a chance to buy one as it can be useful for you in several ways. They are available in stores and online!