Tips to help you choose the perfect shoes for your wedding

Women have an unreasonable infatuation for shoes. You would understand this only if you are a woman too. You love shoes and can’t wait to buy your next pair. You can never be satisfied with the pairs you already have. Thus you can imagine our excitement when it comes to choosing our wedding shoes. The love for shoes grows exponentially when we have to buy our wedding shoes. The wedding is a very important event in the life of a woman, so on this day everything needs to be perfect, including her shoes. Some women are also known to spend twice the money of her wedding dress on her wedding shoes. But it won’t help you spend tons of money only to shoes because of the unbearable pain and discomfort they were causing.

Picking the perfect wedding shoes is like picking the best topping for your cake. This accent piece makes a statement. The style of the shoes and the cost are two major factors that you need to consider when buying wedding shoes. But here are a few other pointers that you should keep in mind when you go for shoe shopping for your wedding:

1. You should try the shoes with your wedding dress before buying them. This way you will be able to understand better how well they go together. You shouldn’t just assume that they will match just based on the style and color.

2. You can add a splash of accent or color to your beautiful white wedding dress by opting for bold shoes. You can choose solid colored shoes that match the dresses of your bridesmaids or you can have shoes that have colored soles. This way you will also ensure that you will wear the shoes again.

3. The shoes that you choose should be of the perfect size. You also have to bring them to your fitting so that the wedding dress can be altered according to the heel size. Otherwise you might run the risk of falling flat on your face.

4. The fabric of your wedding dress should be matched with your shoes. The shoes can be matte, shiny, satin or silk; all depending on the material of your dress.

5. The style of your wedding shoes should complement your wedding dress. A flowy beach wedding dress can be paired with strappy sandals, while a princess gown will look better with elegant heels.

6. If you are worried about the amount of comfort you will have while wearing your wedding shoes, then you can just add an extra layer of pads or cushions to it. You will have to be on your feet for most of the time on your wedding and eventually your feet will start to hurt so extra pads will help you stay comfortable for a much longer time.

Many great designs of wedding shoes are available at JJ’s House. You can order the one you like online easily and try them at home. You can also replace them with different ones if they are not perfect for your dress. You should also remember to break in your shoes before the ceremony.