Tips To Select An Air Conditioning Service – Which One Is The Best In Marietta

Selecting a credible air conditioning system is quite a challenge, especially where it is challenging to identify HVAC scammers. However, air conditioners are critical since they affect the safety of individuals and the environment. Because of these considerations, government authorities and professional bodies impose some necessary regulations on individuals and companies that offer these services. Here are some tips that you can rely on to select the best legally compliant contractors in Marietta, GA.

Establish Certification of the Prospective Service Provider

Any reliable air conditioning service provider in Marietta, GA, must meet all the legal and possess the right licensing. Proper certification is one of the main yardsticks that you will use to ascertain the qualifications of a service provider, including verifying that they have indeed gone through the required professional training. 

If you hire an unlicensed technician or company, you risk compromising the quality of services that you will get. Your safety and that of the environment will have got into risk. Here are the necessary certifications for air conditioner technicians and companies in Marietta, GA:

  • The EPA Section 608 Certification, which falls under federal law for any technician dealing with refrigerants countrywide, is for both companies and individuals. 
  • HVAC Contractor’s License, which comes from by the Georgia Board of Conditioned Air Contractors. This license is a requirement for both individual technicians and air conditioner companies- it is proof that your service provider has attained the required training for the job.

Also, find out what types of insurance they have. Insurance and bonding is a requirement for air conditioning companies if they have to maintain their licenses. They must have insurance that protects you from any loss in case of an accident, or anything else goes wrong.

Look for Relevant Experience

The technical nature of the air conditioning system requires experience on the side of the technicians or the company offering the services. The professionals should be able to answers some critical questions such as what the right and most suitable air conditioning system for your home or business should be. The service providers should demonstrate their experience with the air conditioner that is in your interest. They have to show reliability in addressing your concerns so that you can have the confidence to hire them again when you require more services.

Look for Those Who Offer Warranties

The best air conditioner service provider should be able to demonstrate confidence in their work and instill the same in you. If they are confident in their work, they should be able to guarantee effectiveness by giving warranties on their repair, installation, and maintenance jobs. Should they recommend and sell some parts of the air conditioning to you, they should also provide a warranty as a sign of good faith.

Ensure They Offer Maintenance Service Incentives

Credible air conditioning service companies understand the technical nature of the HVAC systems. As such, they know that it is necessary to provide technical assistance to their clients from time to time. If they offer maintenance services, they can give you a schedule of their planned visits to your home or business premise for such.

Establish the Reputation of Company/Individual Contractor

You need to be aware of what to expect from your prospective service provider. Upon your request, your potential contractor should be able to provide you with a referencing list of their previous customers. Former satisfied customers can help you determine their credibility before they handle your air conditioner system.

You can even call the references and get the confirmation directly from them. You may find out that some of them have served reputable clients. This discovery will give you confidence while hiring them. Furthermore, if you search online for reviews made by customers on different HVAC companies and individual contractors in Marietta, you can get some useful background information that will guide you in decision-making.

Check Whether Prospective Contractors Are Conversant With Your Brand

Finding out if your prospective service provider is working with your particular brand before selecting them is critical. Experience with your preferred air conditioner brand is an indication that they understand its dynamics and specific requirements.

The following are some of the common brands of air conditioners:

  • American Standard Air Conditioners 
  • Carrier Air Conditioners
  • Heil Air Conditioners 
  • Goodman Central Air Conditioners
  • Trane Central AC Units
  • Rheem Air Conditioners
  • Amana HVAC Systems 
  • Lennox HVAC Units
  • York AC Units
  • Ruud Central Air Conditioners

Compare Several Prospective Estimates

To be in a better position of informed decision-making, it would be wise to request written projections from several companies. Let them quote their charges based on the materials cost and their labor fees. In their estimates, they should also indicate how long they are going to the on the project.

A serious company or individual service provider will have a clear timeline for the project, and overall cost estimates. You will also get an opportunity to learn about the varieties of services they offer and their details. 

How to Identify the Best Air Conditioning Service Provider in Marietta, GA

Granted, any air conditioner service provider in Marietta who meets most of the conditioned outlined here qualifies as the ideal choice for you to make. However, some scammers may fabricate most of the required information to win that contract, but in the end, you may lose the subject. 

Luckily, the state of Georgia has tight regulations for HVAC companies and individual contractors. Bodies such as the Georgia Board of Conditioned Air Contractors offer the necessary professional oversight. Some credible review sites also give lists of trusted service providers based on customer reviews. 


Avoid scammers at all costs- that is why you need tips to help you select air conditioning service providers. Air conditioners are quite technical and require professional installation and maintenance. Professional handling makes them last longer and gives a guarantee of their best functionalism standards. Use the tips above together with your due diligence before arriving at a decision- make sure the choice you make will, in the end, give you value for your money.