Top 10 Facts About SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

SMILE or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is an eye surgery procedure that is designed to treat myopia and astigmatism. It is a process that suits the eye patients who do not qualify for LASIK surgery.

Here are the 10 facts that one must know about this treatment:

1.     Not a New Method

There is this misconception that SMILE is a relatively new method of treatment. The truth is that this is one of the most accepted forms of eye surgery in Asia, Europe, and America since 2008. Many patients have found improved vision after this treatment. However, there is still some research going on to improve the surgical method for even better results.

2.     Minimal Invasive Procedure

Unlike other laser eye surgery, this is a comparatively minimally invasive treatment method.

This makes it more preferred than LASIK. In LASIK, the doctor cuts the cornea and then reshapes it. In this method, only a segment of the corneal surface is removed through a tiny opening.

To get SMILE laser eye surgery done in Delhi, get in touch with a well-known eye hospital for the best treatment.

3.     Surgery Procedure

SMILE surgery takes something between 10 to 15 minutes depending upon the eye condition of the patient. During the surgical process, the eye surgeon will numb your eyes with certain drops. With the help of special instruments, the eyelids will be held back so that the patient cannot blink. After preparing the patient, a suction ring is placed in the cornea and then the doctor will sculpt out the lenticule. After this, the doctor will remove the lenticule.

4.     Alternative to LASIK

LASIK surgery is not for every eye patient. Only after pre-screening, the doctor can suggest the most suitable laser surgery for you. In many cases, it has been found that people who do not qualify for LASIK undergo SMILE. But make sure you consult with an ophthalmologist for both SMILE LASIK in Delhi and see what suits you.

5.     Odorless and Noise-free

Patients do not get to hear any buzzing sound of the laser in SMILE surgery. Also, the entire procedure is odorless. This is the advantage of SMILE surgery over other laser treatments.

6.     Patient’s Nervousness

SMILE is a laser surgery process in which the patient may feel uncomfortable and nervous when the femtosecond laser operates the eye. It takes longer than LASIK in SMILE to operate using the laser tool. During operation, the eye is held still with the help of a certain instrument which makes the patients struggle. So, in case you are afraid of the treatment, do let your doctor know before it all starts.

7.     Simple Method

SMILE is a procedure in which only a femtosecond laser is used. Unlike the LASIK treatment, there is no use of a second laser called excimer. This means patients do not experience stress or have to feel anxious. It is a simple process and that’s why many prefer SMILE.

8.     Recovery Phase

In terms of the recovery period, SMILE takes a little more time than LASIK. The vision returns with clarity after about a week. Whereas, in LASIK vision returns in a couple of days. But if patients do not hurry with their recovery, then SMILE is a great option for vision improvement.

9.     Common Side-effects

Both SMILE and LASIK have similar kinds of side effects after the treatment. Most of the side effects are temporary and tend to go away after a few days. But in case a patient experiences long term side effects, they need to consult with their eye surgeon immediately. Some of the side effects are:

  • Glare.
  • Halos around lights.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Inflammation or infection.

10.  Best Treatment Facility

Any form of laser eye surgery requires proper equipment and experienced doctors. So make sure you always rely upon the well-known eye hospital and clinic for your treatment.

Mostly, adults with a healthy cornea and a specific range of myopia and astigmatism can go for SMILE.