Medicinal Plants

Top 10 Medicinal Plants With a Plethora of Health Benefits

Looking for something different to gift your loved ones? Why not try something unique, useful, and healthy so that you can give them great health and a gift both at the same time? Wondering what it can be? Well, these are nothing but the evergreen plants. Plants have been used for medicinal purposes long before the ancient period. These play a key role in world health. Medicinal plants are believed traditionally to be a remedial agent for the treatment of diseases such as typhoid, cholera, measles, etc. So, if you are also looking for the best gift for your loved ones for any special occasion then go for the following medicinal plants.


Starting with one of the best medicinal plants in India i.e Basil that has so many health benefits. From healthy stomach to stronger immunity, benefits of basil leaves are quite a lot. It helps cleanses your skin, fights depression, combats bacteria, etc. Whether it is your loved one’s birthday or anniversary, Gift this holy plant to your loved ones to let them know you care for their health.

Aloe Vera

As you know the festival season is on and it’s the time when you meet and greet your family and friends. For instance, one of the most celebrated festivals worldwide is Rakhi. There is a plethora of rakhis and gifts hamper available online like silver rakhi, gemstone rakhi, gold rakhi, etc. Thus, rejoice some sibling love right away along with something that has huge health benefits like an aloe vera plant and send rakhi online. The intake of aloe vera juice can heal digestive problems and appetite. The big leaves contain secretion, which works amazingly against wounds, burns, and cuts. So, wish your loved one a great happy and healthy life by gifting them this amazing medicinal plant.


If you would love to gift something very useful and healthy to your special ones on any occasion then chamomile is one of the best options which can definitely make them feel super special. It helps in treating wounds and other skin conditions. Also, it improves facial skin. So, if you want to make you’re loved feel happy get them this helpful medicinal plant.


If you are looking for a healthy and nutrition type of plant then Alfalfa is the best option.  With high levels of vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, and a variety of proteins and other important minerals. Adding alfalfa sprouts to salads and sandwiches is an easy way to give yourself a nutritious boost. So if your loved ones love healthy food add some alfalfa sprouts to their diet. The best-suited gift for any occasion.


Fenugreek is truly a multi-purpose herb. Also known as methi seeds, are a common ingredient in Indian curries. It involves the regulation of blood sugar, stimulation of milk flow in new mothers, maintenance of hormones. A wonderful herb to make your loved ones happy and healthy.


Well, ginger is something that is found in almost every house because of its amazing health benefits. It will protect your near and dear ones from several diseases like menstrual pain, cures chronic indigestion, treats cold, flu, asthma, etc. Let your loved one know you care for them. Gift them this amazing medicinal help for a healthy life.


Coneflower is one of the most beautiful flowers for gifting your special ones. It has several health benefits such as reduces anxiety, Promotes healthy cell growth, aids breast cancer. Make your loved one’s day more special by gifting them an amazing coneflower plant.

Indian lilac

The reliever of all diseases. Another name for Indian Lilac is “Neem”. Neem leaf is used for leprosy, bloody nose, intestinal worms, loss of appetite, skin ulcers, etc. Make your loved one feel special buy gifts for her such a wonderful herb for any occasion.


Lavender is one of the most beautiful plants with a plethora of health benefits. It Eases tension and reduces stress, Relieves headaches and migraines. It is quite beneficial for the good health of your loved ones. Gift this beautiful plant to the people you love to let them know you care about their health and happiness.


The herb is considered one of the most important plants in Ayurvedic medicine system. For example, it can lower blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol, boost brain function and help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression. One of the best medicinal plants for gifting your loved ones.

It is very important to have medicinal plants around you because you might need it anytime and of course, it is healthy.  Hope these medicinal plants will help in the growth and togetherness for you and all your loved ones. Gifting your loved ones something with some health benefits shows your love and care towards them. So, let your close ones be safe and free from every disease.