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Top 10 Survival Tips For Holiday Travel


Most people go forholiday at one pointor another in their lifetime, vacationing will not just give you the opportunity to unwind from the common stresses of lifebut also bond with friends or family, who may also come along for the trip. If you are planning a first-time holiday travel then there are some survival tips you should know.

01. Carry enough money to last the entire trip

Make a comprehensive budget of where you will stay, the services that would be required and how much money would be used each and every day. This is the only way to avoid overspending and being stranded in a foreign place. Nevertheless, don’t have a fixed amount on your budget but set some extra cash aside for contingency purposes.

02. Don’t forget small but essential commodities

If the trip involves staying at wild or remote places then carrying a torch and some matchsticks would be appropriate, personal hygiene items like toothbrush, towels and some sandals should also be present in your bag. You definitely don’t want to spend days or weeks without brushing the teeth as they would stink in a bad way.

03. Remember to carry both formal and informal clothes

The main essence of a vacation is to have fun and one can hardly do this when wearing a full suit, such dressing is only appropriate when handling logistical matters in town such as verifying your travel documents. However, exploring a forest or mountaineering in them can be uncomfortable if not odd. A pair of short trousers and some reeboks would be fine in such settings.

04. Never stray away from the group

There havebeencaseswherepeoplehavelostbearing in junglesorruggedoutpostswhileouttouring with friends, simplybecausetheychose to remainorfollow a differentroute from others hopingthatthey would catch up later on. The chances of survival are subliminal whenyou are out therealone.

05. Hire a tour guide

This is one of the steps that most people forget when vacationing, a tour guide is oftenexperienced enough to show you how to bestenjoy your trip without getting into trouble like using dangerous routes.

06. Carry your mobile phone for communication with others back home

There may come a timewhenone may require emergency assistance, for examplewhen the passport is lost or stolenand there’s need to replace it fast. Theonlywaythis can be done is contacting friends/family back home through phone.

07. Have a map of the entire region

As much as a tour guide can help in this regard, they are only useful up to a certain level after-which the tourists would be expected to find their own way around the place. For instance, the map can tell you where to catch a train, hire taxi cabs or spend the night at convenient hotels.

08. Be alert at all times especially when in public places

Studies show that criminals like targeting tourists because they are more or less naive than the local people, to protect yourself from identity theft and robbery always be confident and avoid talking to strangers since you don’t actually know their intention.

09. Be conversant with the local people’s culture and way of life

Note that some things you do with an innocent heart may be offensive to natives and should therefore be avoided, for instance, in some places one is not allowed to drink or dress skimpily at public places. Those found behaving in this manner can potentially be arrested.

10. Ensure that your visa document is updated

Visa is the official pass that shows what you came to do in the country, that’s if your holiday trip involves visiting a foreign land, and also the time duration for the vacation. Note that carrying an expired visa can lead to arbitrary extradition.
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