Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

Top 12 Korean Makeup Tips from a Professional

Korean skincare is famous all over the world, and Korean products have invaded the beauty market. Right now, you might be interested in achieving the looks you see in Korean shows and concerts. In this article, we collated the top advice from Korean makeup professionals. They will give you insight into the kind of makeup techniques that they use on their clients and themselves.

The first professional is Jason Lee Jin Su, the chief makeup artist of Hera. He was the backstage makeup director at Seoul Fashion Week 2018. He was also a makeup mentor for Project Runway Korea from season 2 to 4, and a part of getting It Beauty, a popular Korean program.

Here are the top makeup tips from Jason:

1. Do skincare before applying makeup

Before you put on makeup, you should take care of your skin. If you’re too busy to do a full-on skincare routine, you can do a double cleanse. Tony Moly’s No-Wash Cleansing Water is an excellent follow-up to your oil-based cleanser or balm. You can check this website to know more.

2. The better way of applying cushion foundation

A common misconception about using a cushion foundation is that you should apply it to your entire face. According to Jason, you should pat the thicker consistency on the areas that you want to highlight, such as cheeks, nose, chin, and jaw, then slowly spread them to the rest of the face.

3. You can use your fingers as applicators

Jason said that fingers are suitable applicators for makeup. You can create a soft effect on your lips and cheeks.

4. Purple mascara will do well with Asian skin tones

If you’re looking for something unique that goes well with your skin tone, you can try a purple mascara. It doesn’t seem too black, and it doesn’t look too strong.

The next professional is Ko Won Hye. She is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with several Kdrama and Kpop stars. She is the director for the brand KOWON and known for Chok Chok’s makeup style.

Here are the top makeup tips from Ko Won Hye:

5. Always moisturize

You should always use a moisturizer before applying makeup. Use a hydrating sunscreen if you’re applying makeup during the day time. Either way, you need to make sure that your face looks dewy and radiant.

6. Use face mist during makeup application

Her advice is to use face mist after every step. For example, apply it after moisturizing, after foundation, then after the concealer and blush. The face mist allows your makeup to set and be radiant.

7. Contour less for a more natural finish

You should only choose one feature and contour it. Don’t contour your entire face as you would with western products.

8. Blooming Blossom Lip look

Apply colors to the center of your lips and gradually spread them outwards. It’s a gradient lip effect with the softness of petals.

The next professional is Kangpil Kim. He is the chief makeup artist of Banila Co. He is also part of the Korean show, Get It Beauty.

Here are the top makeup tips from Kangpil Kim:

9. Create a natural blush by mixing two different products

Korean makeup is all about looking natural. To create a natural blushing effect, you can combine a CC cream and a lip lacquer or tint. It will create a soft flush on your face. CC cream or color correction cream is like a concealer and foundation in one.

10. Concealing dark circles under the eyes

Use a peach eye shadow and pat it. Then add a concealer to blend it in naturally.

11. Use eyebrow mascara on your brows

Koreans like to have a natural effect on their brows. They avoid using straight lines that look unnatural. Instead, they use thin strokes that resemble tiny hairs. To seal in the look, use mascara for your eyebrows.

12. Use CC cream for skin issues

CC cream is a good substitute for concealers. It’s lightweight and easy to use. It’s right for daily application, and some CC creams have SPF protection.


Korean makeup combines their love for skincare and their need for an improved appearance. The great thing about Korean makeup is that it looks translucent, and it’s safe for prolonged use. It’s not as pigmented as western makeup, but it’s suitable for a daily natural look. Koreans believe that the natural look is the best.