Top 3 Social Media Channels for Medical Companies

Online marketers in the healthcare space haven’t fully tapped into the power of social media yet. They’ve hesitated because people don’t typically go to social media sites to learn about medical companies. Yet this is a large and untapped audience nonetheless.

Numana Medical is one of a handful of valuable online marketing companies taking advantage of this opportunity. Remember, some social media sites are humongous. They could have anywhere from 100 million to 1 billion or more active users every day. So it’s crazy to continue to ignore this untouched potential audience.

Numana understands the value of digital marketing. They see the true potential that social media websites present and they help medical companies tap into this audience.

Are you ready to use social media channels to promote your medical company? If so, please consider the top three social media websites for medical marketing shared below.

  1. Facebook

It’s impossible to think about social media without Facebook immediately comes to mind. This social behemoth is the biggest site by far.

On average, it’s estimated that 2.1 billion people use Facebook or one of its subsidiaries every day. Remember, Facebook also owns Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. So they are by far the most dominant player in social media at this time.

Creating a Facebook page for your medical business is the first step toward additional exposure for your company through this site. You also have to create valuable content that people will like, love, and share. Without this content, you’ll have a tough time spreading your message and information about your company.

Remember, you have to balance out your Facebook posts accordingly. The information must be accurate and you should never share anything misleading as a medical company.  

You cannot consistently promote your service over and over again. You have to provide value to your followers and readers as well. Otherwise, you’ll just look like another cheesy business trying to take advantage of the unsuspecting public.

  1. LinkedIn

Another thing to know about running a medical business and promoting it online is you should establish a presence on LinkedIn. This powerful social media site is specifically designed for business professionals and companies just like yours.

Believe it or not, LinkedIn now has more than 500 million members registered to the site. So it’s one of the top social media sites on the web. And since it’s specifically geared toward all things business and work-related, having an active presence on this website is certainly a good thing to increase branding and grow your business online.

Use LinkedIn by posting valuable content and other important information about your industry. You can also tell your connections about special product releases, upcoming business events, and much more. Just remember to share valuable content and mix them with your marketing messages and keep everything properly balanced.

  1. Twitter

In 2019, Twitter currently has 330 million registered users. The company boasts that out of those registered users, 134 million of them use their service each and every day. So Twitter is obviously a great place to share content and promote your medical company on the World Wide Web.

Just like the other two social media sites, you should mix valuable content with your marketing messages. In fact, share valuable content and marketing messages at about a 5 to 1 ratio. So, for every five pieces of content you post, you can post one marketing message about your medical business.

Final Thoughts

Like everything you do in life, you will get what you are willing to put in. If you ignore social media or continuously spam your wall or timeline with marketing messages, your potential audience is going to ignore you.

On the other hand, if you share valuable content and engaging information along with your marketing messages, you’ll develop a strong customer base on the web that will stick with you for a lifetime. Remember, the better you treat social media, the better it will treat you in return.


Airto Zamorano is the founder of Numana SEO, an SEO company in Denver, with a track record for success in this industry.