Top 5 popular Punjabi Songs Download – 2020

The articulation of ideas and emotions in a meaningful form by the elements of tone, rhythm, and harmony that tells a story and touches the soul is called Music. Music is that thing or says it is that expression that gives words to one’s emotions and feelings. For instance, if you want someone to feel special and important in your life, you can express your feelings by dedicating a song to them. All of us agree to this statement that songs are something that expresses our personalities to some extent. All of us want to listen to songs according to our mood.

Punjabi songs are one of the most popular categories of music. When we say “Punjabi songs” it covers folk, Sufi, Classic and Patiala Gharana. As our culture is Punjabi so Punjabi songs carry a special place in our souls. We cherish the Punjabi songs and enjoy to twist on Punjabi beasts. The Punjabi Lyrics are so wonderfully written that each word and phrase tells a story, it seems that writer of these Punjabi songs is trying to say something to their listeners. 

Besides these strong and powerful lyrics, the voices that are engaged in these songs that are the singers that are singing these songs have the beautiful and melodious voices which touch the core of the hearts of the listeners. All in all, Punjabi Songs have great success in the Bollywood industry as well.

Top 5 Popular Punjabi Songs Downloaded in 2020:

Hundreds and thousands of songs have been released every year from which few songs attain the positions of top-rated Punjabi songs download. These are approached over millions of views and downloads as well. So, by doing a thorough examination, we have come to know about the top 5 popular Punjabi Songs downloaded and viewed. The list is as follows:

Lehenga song by Jass Manak:

One of the most popular Punjabi Song downloaded which is the composition of Sherry Nexux and sings by Jass Manak has managed to grab about millions of downloads and liked by the majority of the population.

Duji Vaar Pyar:

This is the most downloaded Punjabi Song of 2020, as it reaches over millions of downloads and views in few days. This song is from the album “Duji Var Pyar” and is released in December 2019.


One of the most trending Punjabi songs on TikTok and other social media sites “Aeroplane” has reached a huge amount of fan following through its composition made by Rajat Nagpal and the heart-warming lyrics by Sarmad Qadeer.


Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsan have created one of the most beautiful and heart touching song in their melodious voices. This song has achieved great success in Bollywood as well.

Dil Diyan Gallan:

One of the most beautiful creations with the breathtakingly melodious voice of the legendary singer Atif Aslam and the composition of Vishal & Shekhar, Dil Diyan Gallan (Matters of love) has been rated as top-rated and most downloaded Punjabi song and achieved a huge success in the music industry.