Top 5 Technology Innovations of Online Casino in 2019

In 2018, there was a decrease in the number of offline casinos on a global scale. Now, more and more players prefer to download mobile applications of innovative online casinos for betting and gambling. So, there is no doubt that online gaming is the future of the gambling industry.

Easy access via the internet and a vast variety of games give online casinos and betting websites a clear advantage over land-based casinos. However, game developers do not settle for this. They are looking for new directions and options to improve casino games online. New technologies like virtual reality and cryptocurrencies help the industry enter a revolutionary era that might begin in 2019.

It is not just the diversity of games online that defines the virtual casino. Online casinos can now offer games that aren’t available anywhere else. For example, the game of Dream Catcher Live enhances the traditional game of roulette with live broadcasting and real-time updates. As a result, players enjoy the experience of a real casino but feel the convenience of an online casino. This upgraded game of roulette will become more popular in 2019 and will probably become a benchmark for a basic game in a live casino in the coming years.

1 – Live dealers

Live dealers became a real trend back in 2018 and continue gaining popularity to this day. Millions of gamblers around the world consider the rise of live dealer casinos one of the greatest achievements in the gaming industry. Operating in the virtual space, they create the original atmosphere of the gaming hall. The casino broadcasts table games and roulette live to contribute to this atmosphere. Besides, live dealers make gamblers trust casino operators more.

A real croupier adds to the game realism since they can enter into a dialogue or live chat with the player. Attractive young people trained as croupiers spin roulette, distribute chips and comment on the game. For players to observe the actions of the dealer and gain a real-like experience, a special studio is created. It is full of professional equipment for lighting, sound and video broadcasting.

In live casinos with live dealers, you can hear the ball knocking on the roulette wheel, you can see the gaming table, backgrounds and so on. With a live dealer, you can play the same games as in offline gaming rooms: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, as well as several varieties of poker exclusively designed for online casinos. Of course, such games are much more interesting to play with a live dealer. For example, while playing blackjack, the one who is responsible for shuffling the deck is a live dealer, but not an automatic machine. Just like in a real blackjack casino. The same applies to video poker, live roulette, and more real money games.

2 – Virtual Reality

The implementation of VR video technologies in gambling will become a trend in 2019. Back in September 2018, the developers from PokerStars released the PokerStars VR video game. Companies such as Oculus Rift are already developing systems to create online casinos in a virtual reality mode. Thanks to such developments, new options and methods of playing games will be created. This will make the gaming process even more fun. Games that encourage virtual interaction between players will become more popular. During the game of poker, the user will be able to see other players, distinguish the reaction of the rival player, and understand whether he/she is bluffing or not. It will feel like you’re sitting in a real casino at the real playing table. What’s more, playing slot machines will become even more realistic.

The level of customer service in online casinos will also significantly increase. The casino will be able to monitor the interests of players better and offer appropriate products, promotions, bonus rewards, etc. Also, the administrators will personally interact with gamblers, as in real casinos. Thus, the support desk will be more personalized and effective. This will be especially useful when working with VIP-players.

3 – Cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are now adopted in many areas, including gambling. Blockchain technology provides transparency and secure transaction processing, so it is only natural that many money-related businesses are looking to implement it. When it comes to fiat money, there’s always a risk of stumbling upon an unfair casino platform. On the other hand, gambling platforms based on blockchain guarantee the safety of funds.

Simply put, cryptocurrency is a banking method of sorts — like, say, Neteller or a credit card. This is a new way to make a deposit and withdraw the winners’ cash. Many gambling portals already accept cryptocurrencies as payment. The most widespread cryptocurrencies in this area are BTC, ETH, and LTC. Moreover, some promotions and bonuses are provided in cryptocurrencies as well.
For example, the TruePlay team has created a b2b platform with a comprehensive solution for licensed gambling projects that want to conduct transparent business. The project covers Israel, Spain, France and other countries where casinos are allowed.

TruePlay provides access to its software with its own technology for controlling the honesty of games on blockchain, a wallet for making transactions in cryptocurrency and TPLAY tokens. Thanks to this solution, all parties enjoy fair games and fair payments. Using blockchain, players can verify the security of a casino; affiliates can track the attracted users; operators can personalize casino bonuses and casino promotions, and game providers can prove that the stated percentage of payouts is accurate.

When it comes to the online gambling industry, transparency and security remain the key concerns. Only fair casinos can operate on blockchain, which makes it impossible to hide anything from the player and government departments.

4 – Mobile casinos and Telegram gambling

Online casino games are already available on users’ smartphones. You can download applications with the online slot machine and play slots anywhere and at any time. Using mobile phones, you can enjoy the same functionality of a casino game as if you were playing via desktop. But now games will become even more convenient.

The main task of the online gaming industry in 2019 is to bring the process to any mobile device. Making bets on the go, when you are in the mall or on vacation is becoming a reality. In 2018, more than half of customers visited gambling platforms using tablets and smartphones. And this trend will continue into 2019. It’s also worth noting that a couple of years ago, the proportion of players making bets via mobile devices did not exceed 10%.

Moreover, experts are looking for ways to access online casinos not only from an iOS or Android app. For example, the Slotegrator company has studied which of the existing instant messengers is most useful for launching an online casino chatbot. Experts concluded that it was Telegram. It provides utmost anonymity and full coverage of the audience in those countries where casinos are officially prohibited. It means that Telegram can be used not only to chat with friends.

Telegram casino can become a brand-new trend in the gambling world, which combines both a casino online platform and a secure messenger. Any user above 18 who has an account in Telegram can connect to the new gambling platform directly from a mobile or a desktop version. In Telegram, users may play such games as online slots, roulette, poker, blackjack and so on.
When a game is launched in Telegram, a special chatbot communicates with the online casino website. Through commands typed in text or with interactive buttons displayed on the smartphone, the player gets all the capabilities of the gaming site. They can make a deposit, make bets, withdraw funds, claim a casino bonus, etc. In this case, the chatbot is an emulator of the same roulette or slot machine.

5 – Smartwatch and gambling

The birth of Apple Watch has led to a revival of the tech market, and wearables have moved to a new level. Now, smartwatches have limited functionality. They can only be used for communication, control of physical activity, receiving messages and phone calls, updating data on social networks and keeping track of the number of steps and distance traveled per day. But the world of technology has already taken a step towards adapting the products of the largest gaming companies. The developers are looking into ways to access the world of games using a smartwatch.

The Microgaming company has created an application for smartwatches — five-reel slots. Today, many companies follow their lead and aim to adapt their mobile products for smartwatches. Of course, it should take some time before such apps become popular. But given all the achievements of Apple, it seems that the smartwatch online roulette or slots games will be the next craze.
By 2020, the smartwatch industry is projected to reach a global value of $32.9 billion. As portable electronic devices become more popular and intuitive, game developers must find ways to seamlessly integrate a number of classic casino games like a slot machine, blackjack, wheel of fortune, etc. into smartwatch casinos.


There is still a wide variety of options and methods for online gaming improvement. One more aspect that the developers are trying to enhance is a progressive jackpot. Earlier players won fixed amounts of a jackpot from a particular slot machine. With the growth of the gambling industry, progressive jackpots have appeared. The sum of a jackpot depends on the sum of all bets that the players make when they play on a particular machine. As a result, users can get huge winnings, which are sometimes equal to millions.
So, as you can see, there are ample fields where the casino industry can prosper in 2019. Significant innovations will attract more clients and give them an additional bonus for playing.