Top 5 Types Of Concealed Carry Holsters You Should Know About


If you own a gun, you need a holster to carry the weapon outside. You cannot take it without a cover to a public place because there are many issues. For instance, people may be afraid of you, thinking that you might harm them. So, it’s better to take that in a cover like a holster to avoid such situations.

If you go to a holster store or want to buy it online, you will find two types of holsters, and they are: 

  • Open carry holster: It retains your gun in a holster, but people can easily notice that you have a gun as you are openly carrying it. 
  • Concealed carry holster: It holds your gun in a holster that the public may not observe your gun casually. 

In this article, you will learn about the top five types of concealed carry holsters.  

Top Five Types of Concealed Carry Holsters

Although there are several types of concealed carry holsters available, here, I’ll cover the most common types of holsters. Honestly, no concealed carry holster is truly perfect. So, you can weigh the pros and cons of each category and choose which one is right for you. 

1. Pocket Holsters

As the name suggests, you can carry the holster in your pocket. You keep the gun inside a pouch and carry it in your pocket. However, these holsters are only suitable for small handguns. The main purpose of a pocket holster is to keep the trigger covered. 


  • It’s quite discreet. 
  • It’s a good choice as a backup gun. 
  • It’s one of the easiest ways to carry.


  • Only small handguns are suitable. 
  • Only accessible to one hand. 

2. Appendix Carry Holster

Appendix carry holster or popularly known as the inside waistband carry holster, is getting more attention nowadays. As the pistol is kept inside a holster over your appendix, it’s called the appendix carry holster. The best thing about this holster is you can access your gun with either of your hands. 


  • You can easily access the gun with either of your hands.
  • It also allows you to access it easily while sitting. 


  • The gun is pointed toward your crotch. 
  • You need a large shirt or jacket to avoid printing. 

3. Ankle Holsters

Ankle holsters are the best choice for backup guns. You wrap the band of the holster near your ankle to hold your weapon. However, it’s not comfortable to run with an ankle holster.


  • The best thing about this position is you can easily draw it.
  • It can be used as a backup gun. 


  • Only suitable for small firearms.
  • It feels uncomfortable to run with this ankle holster.

4. Shoulder Holsters

Should holsters not be suitable in every situation because you need a jacket or coat that to conceal the gun? Moreover, it’s not comfortable at all in the summer season. You can access this gun easily while sitting. 


  • Easily accessible while sitting.
  • You can carry a full-size handgun. 
  • It allows you to carry spare magazines.


  • You need a jacket or coat.
  • The weight of the pistol can bring you down. 

5. Strong Side Hip Holsters

Strongside hips holsters are the most popular way to carry a weapon. You can quickly access your gun with your dominant hand. More importantly, it’s one of the most comfortable ways to carry your firearm. 


  • It’s comfortable to carry and easy to draw.
  • You can carry a full-size handgun.


  • It’s commonplace to carry a weapon. 
  • It’s not good for your non-dominant hand.

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I hope the above information has given you some insights into different types of concealed carry holsters. Now you can weigh the pros and cons and decide which is right for you. If you have been using a holster for some time and it feels good, please share it in the comment section.