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Top 5 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone


Testosterone is a hormone in the body or rather a chemical messenger in the body that is largely produced by the testicles and generally controls manhood. This hormone is quite important as its levels determine muscle mass, growth of facial hair, sustenance of red blood cells, maintenance of bone density, strength to even sexual response and performance. For a man to perform as they desire in bed, it is paramount that they must have adequate levels of testosterone in their system. The levels of testosterone are at their highest between 18 years if age to 28 years of age. When a person clocks 30 years of age, the levels of testosterone start to drop gradually. This is just but the normal but in time, the effects of low testosterone levels start to be felt.

As the levels of testosterone decreases, the levels of estrogen tend to increase in the body, largely driven by factors such as food and environmental contaminants in air and water. To ensure that testosterone levels stay high, it goes without saying that there is need to look for alternative ways to boost the production of testosterone naturally so that one can enjoy good health.

Common indicators of low testosterone levels in the body include a poor sex drive which is most commonly accompanied by erectile dysfunction, low moods, having difficulties in concentration, even with small tasks, premature ejaculation to low energy levels and feeling tired all the time. You can try the below natural ways to boost testosterone levels to ensure you are back up to the energy levels you knew.

Weight loss

One of the main reasons there is a decreased production of testosterone in the body is as a result of gaining too much fat in the body. According to a research presented at the 2012 Endocrine Society meeting, men who are overweight tend to be at high risk of having low levels of testosterone. As such, it goes without saying that one has to lose weight so as to enjoy a constant high level of testosterone in the body. Weight loss can be achieved through the diet. This is by far the most effective way to lose weight.


Avoid highly refined foods that come loaded with lots of sugar. Also, it is advisable to avoid eating lots of carbohydrates in the diet as when they are consumed, the excess is converted into fat in the body. The best foods to have in high quantity in the diet are fruits and vegetables. These help a person in providing for the right filling material for the stomach and also help in excretion of excess cholesterol that may be in the body.


With the diet sorted, it is advisable to engage in light exercise in a bid to lose weight. For effective exercise, it is advisable to split it in two segments, cardio and strength training. Cardio exercises are those that get the blood moving and the heart pounding. These exercises help in getting the blood moving and producing feel good hormones which ensure you feel good after workouts. Simple cardio exercises include walking, swimming, jogging or even bicycling. Strength training on the other hand should be practiced to ensure that the body muscles are developed which helps boost testosterone production.


Zinc is the main mineral that is used in the body for the production of testosterone. As such, eating foods high in zinc is highly advisable. Continuous use of foods high in zinc for a period of 6 weeks or more has been shown to offer great benefits in the levels of testosterone seen in the body. Some of the best sources of zinc in the diet include milk, cheese, beans, yoghurt, meat and fish. It is advisable that cooking times should be strictly adhered to as overcooking has been shown to denature zinc contained in the above food sources. Zinc supplements can also be taken in the form of tablets. It is however important to note that these tablets should be taken in moderation as frequent popping of these tablets in the diet may cause nausea.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin in the body and its importance comes from the function it does in the production of sperm cell nucleus. Having adequate levels of Vitamin D is quite advisable as it helps in the production of strong and healthy sperm which can fertilize the egg. Vitamin D is the easiest vitamin to get as it largely comes free, now that the sun can help in its delivery. Just basking in soft sub for 30 minutes a day can help give you adequate levels of the vitamin.


Last but not least, supplements can be used. Though not the best option, these have been shown to help in the production of testosterone. Precursor molecules which help stimulate testosterone production are the best as they help in the production of testosterone. One such product is Andro 400 which goes on to spur the production of testosterone naturally in the body. Do try it today and enjoy immense benefits.

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