Top 6 Timber Vanity Ideas

Choosing the best suitable bathroom vanity can give your entire bathroom a really special look. However, it’s also important that the design of the vanity of your bathroom strike a balance with the storage spaces. It must be a design that can meet all your needs and also elevate the look from ordinary to luxurious. To help you meet all your needs, here comes the timber vanity.

A great timber vanity idea can make a great contribution to your bathroom by making it look full of life and attractive. Here we discuss some special woods for making the best timber vanity and also the top six timber vanity ideas to give your bathroom a unique look.

Birch wood

An option that is really cheap for making your timber vanity, is birch-wood. This wood is very difficult to find all over the world; Birch has the sapwood of creamy-white color with dark-colored heartwood, which can suit the surroundings of your bathroom perfectly.

The Plywood

Plywood that has multiple layers of veneer connected together into strong sheets is a good option for making your timber vanities. This wood is very popular because it is very easy to handle and moisture resistant. It is a very cost-effective option for making the luxurious timber vanity

Maple wood

Maple is another good choice as it has a smooth finish. This wood can be painted with ease. This is why Maple wood is a good option for both modern and traditional bathroom finishes. 

Teak wood

The best type among the solid ones is the Teak wood. This wood is widely popular for decorating your bathroom with the timber vanity as it looks good and is very durable. 

Douglas fir

Douglas fir is very durable and takes the hit of nails and screws really well. It is also good in taking various kinds of shapes and finishes with ease. Hence, you can easily make some very attractive and durable timber vanities for your bathroom from the wood known as Douglas fir.

After the discussion about the best woods for your timber vanity, now we are here with the top 6 ideas of timber vanity for your bathroom. 

The top 6 ideas of timber vanity

#1. Floating vanity for your bathroom

The bathroom vanity that is floating can be done in various styles. It can be only one large cabinet or timber vanity installed against the wall of the bathroom or two small vanities set apart or floating bathroom vanity.

The floating timber vanity is a very modern idea to give a nice look to your bathroom as it can only make the bathroom look much spacious. 

#2. Vanity with double sink

The timber vanity with two sinks often gives off a luxurious and high-end feeling. Also, you don’t have to make a huge investment for this. Just pair a common floating vanity with a large mirror and keep your sinks very sleek and simple to get the special vibe. 

#3. The Luxe one

The timber vanity design ideas shouldn’t have the old and commonly seen bathroom features like the enclosed cabinetry or laminate benchtops. Here, a special piece of timber made furniture can be easily installed against the wall with open shelves and a large-sized porcelain sink on top of it. 

#4. The power of milky white timber vanity

Making your bathroom milky white can make it look more expensive than it actually is. If you love white, you must opt for the white benchtop, cabinetry, sink and tiles as well. 

#5. The bold colors

If you love bold colours, you can apply them in your bathroom as well. Just choose a colour keeping in mind your bathroom features and size. Some bold attractive colour would give the timber vanity as well as the bathroom a bold and attractive look too.

#6. Timber vanity for small bathrooms

You can opt for the customized timber vanity if you have a moderate or small-sized bathroom. Just have it topped with a marble slab and a ceramic sink; add drawers, shelf and a wide counterpart. 

Therefore, while opting for a timber vanity, go through all the variations you can choose from and select the style that suits you best. In the end, it would all depend on your test and needs.

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