Top 6 Unbelievable hemp oil uses for hair, skin and nails

Hemp oil is most commonly used on topical products to make things like lotions, salves, hair oil, and treatments for sore muscles. The same ingredients that make it an effective treatment for skin (so the vitamin content, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidant property) all serve to improve hair health.

But why use hemp oil for hair or skin?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the active compound in hemp oil, and in case you haven’t heard about it, CBD contains a variety of nutrients that boost both physical and mental health and that includes improving quality of hair, skin and nails. Here are 6 fantastic benefits of hemp oil to your hair, skin, and nails:

  • Prevents acne breakouts

Cannabidiolhas an antioxidant effect that keeps the sebaceous glands free of bacterial infection, therefore reducing oil production to normal. Another way it helps is by reducing inflammation caused by acne.

  • Strengthens nails and cuticles

The high presence of fatty omega-3s make hemp oil rich in essential nutrients that are needed to keep hair and nails healthy and strong.Calcium, which if often low on people with soft, brittle nails, is metabolized more effectively when using cannabidiol(hemp oil) as a supplement.

  • Better skin texture

Apply hemp oil to your skin every day to keep wrinkles away, and to provide a protective shield against the elements.Use after washing, and when you need to detox from using skincare products that contain harsh chemicals.

  • Natural hair conditioning 

So there’s no need to use expensive hair conditioners every single time. Just get a bottle of hemp oil and use it everycouple of days (or more frequently if you prefer) to condition hair, and that should help keep your hair soft, smooth, and free flowing.

  • Better skin texture

The antioxidant effect in cannabidiol – which among other things reduces inflammation and those small bumps that appear on the surface of the skin – can be great for improving skin texture. 

  • Reducing dryness in hair and skin

Dryness can cause premature aging, both in your skin and hair, and make it easier for the skin to get damaged by UV rays. In the event that you get scratched or experience sunburn, it would take longer for the skin to go back to a normal state if there’s no moisture on the surface. 

So why is hemp oil such a hit in the beauty industry?

Any chance you get to use a natural beauty product over synthetic materials should be welcomed. This is because these natural compounds (especially those skin-friendly oils like aloe vera or rosemary oil) contain powerful antioxidant properties that keep you feeling healthy physically. 

The trick with using hemp oil effectively is to make it part of your daily routine; so that your hair, nails, and skin continue to receive a daily supply of essential nutrients – and of course for the sake of avoiding dryness; which can cause serious damage.

How does hemp oil work?

There are a number of mechanisms that make hemp oil so effective at maintaining your hair, skin and nails. As we mentioned, cannabidiol, the active compound in hemp oil, is an antioxidant; which makes it ideal for preventing opportunistic skin infections. But more than that, it is a way to shield your skin against damaging elements such as dust, pollutants, UV rays, dryness, and so on.

By keeping your skin soft and hydrated, you basically enable it to eliminate wrinkles, dark spots, inflammation, and irritation. There is no complicated science for using hemp oil topically: just apply it directly to your hair or skin after washing. Or if you prefer to use other natural skin ointments along with hemp oil, it will continue to provide protection while still allowing you to benefit from many more nutrients that may be present in other essential oils. 

So that’s it; start looking for good skin care products with hemp oil as the basic ingredient, and do the same with hair products. Consider ingesting cannabidiol to get the same ingredients into your system so that you can take care of your hair, nails, and skin from both the inside and outside.