Top 8 Unique Wedding Destination Ideas

Why limit yourself to local nearby wedding locations, when you can choose from some of the top spots in the world? Most of the couples would automatically choose a local venue considering it might be a more convenient option. However, they are missing the chance to have a wedding of their dreams!

The location you choose for your wedding destination is what either breaks or makes your wedding be memorable. The whole atmosphere depends on the destination! So, if you want a breezy wedding at a laid-back destination, you might consider choosing Hawaii. On the other hand, if you want a luxury destination, choosing a medieval castle-like scene in Europe will meet your expectations. 

If you are having doubts about which wedding destination would be ideal for your wedding, we’ll help you narrow it down to 8 unique destinations from the vast options. Before you say “YES” to your partner, make sure you say “YES” to the wedding location!

  1. Jamaica

Many couples decide to say “I do” on this beautiful island rich in culture, romance, and natural beauty. Jamaica isn’t only a top wedding destination, but it’s also popular for a honeymoon as well. Even though Jamaica is breathtaking by itself, choosing the right wedding venue is very important. If you’re a fan of green landscapes, waterfalls, historic ruins, and beach escapes then consider checking out some of the wedding packages at Rose Hall. Once you get a match, we’re sure that you’ll have the wedding of your dreams in Jamaica.

  1. Hawaii

If you are dreaming about having a beach wedding at sunset, Hawaii is the perfect option for you. The beachfront ceremony in Hawaii goes into a package with crystal clear water and amazing surroundings. There are many affordable venues to satisfy your taste. The Knot even made a study on the average cost for a wedding in Hawaii, which is $27,730 in total. If the price is within your budget, then just go for it! Even though Hawaii is a popular tourist destination, couples who want an intimate and private ceremony away from the crowds, usually choose the islands Maui, Oahu, and Kauai.

  1. Alaska

You can consider Alaska as the winter alternative of Hawaii. Alaska offers you picturesque landscapes, mountains, and rivers to take amazing wedding photos. Don’t get scared by the low temperatures, snow, and ice in this winter fairyland. You can definitely face some challenges getting to certain places of untouched nature in Alaska but if you are an adventurous couple, this wedding destination should definitely be your choice!

  1. Florence, Italy

The charming Florence is the perfect wedding destination for wine, art, and history lovers. If you choose Italy, then you can have a wedding ceremony at a renowned medieval or Renaissance palace of your choice. The Palazzo Vecchio – Florence’s city hall will be the place for your civil wedding. This actually means that from the very start your wedding will take place in a museum and tower full of masterpieces by Michelangelo and Vasari. You and your guests will be in awe of all art and romantic atmosphere that prevails in the city.

  1. Santa Barbara, California

Did you know that Santa Barbara is one of the hottest locations that celebrities have chosen as their wedding destination? This destination has two perks that make it popular: perfect weather year-round and some of the most lavish resorts to host your wedding. It’s no surprise that it has been the choice of most of Hollywood’s elite. Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin’s choice back in 2003 was San Ysidro Ranch, an extremely luxurious hotel in Santa Barbara. If you wish a celebrity-like wedding, there are many beach-front venues, private mansions and estates, vineyards and rustic ranches waiting to be booked. 

  1. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

How do margaritas and Mexican food for a wedding sound like? If you want a mariachi wedding ceremony, then San Miguel de Allende, Mexico should be your host! This UNESCO World Heritage Site city is the choice of many couples who want an exciting, new, and different ceremony. One thing’s for sure – you’ll love the botanical and romantic views the city offers. 

  1. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is a merge of white beaches, history, culture, and nature. That’s why it is the top destination for many couples. You’ll get to experience something new and exciting, tasting Thai food, going on an elephant ride or exploring the ancient shrines. Did you know that Thai Buddist ceremonies include wrapping the bride and groom with a garland? The garland symbolizing their beautiful union. 

Some of the top wedding resorts in Phuket according to TripAdvisor are Andara Resort and Villas, Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort, Banyan Tree Phuket, Movenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket, etc. Some of the newlyweds who had their ceremonies at these resorts say that they had a magical night.

  1. Marrakech, Morocco

The bohemian vibe of Marrakech in addition to the magnificent architecture of the city and its gardens is what makes it a celebrity wedding destination. Dianna Agron, Poppy Delevingne, and Hannah Bronfman have chosen this red city as their wedding spot. The vivid colors, eccentric atmosphere and tasty food are some of the aspects that make Marrakech stand out. If you want to get an insight into a Marrakech wedding with all the details, feel free to check out Chelsea Chau and Justin Kuok’s wedding.

Final Thoughts

We are well aware that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your whole life. To make it perfect, the wedding destination and venue play a critical role. For this reason, you should choose a destination that will match the style, taste, expectations, and budget of your wedding. The 8 places we have mentioned above are only some of the most commonly chosen destinations from couples all over the world. Pick the one that suits you most and get ready to experience a dream wedding!