Top best spots in Orlando to drive on rental car

Nowadays Orlando is getting huge increase in tourism. It’s a great tourist destination for a family trip or for a big company. In both cases this city has a lot to offer for travel experts and newbies. If you decided to visit this wonder of Florida use Enterprise car rentals Orlando FL for the best travel experience. They will provide a car for the full tour according to the members of the family.

So get ready to explore the most famous tourist destination in Orlando:

Disney Park

Undoubtedly, Walt Disney parks have been the most liked and visited place in Florida. It has a magic kingdom, future world, Hollywood studio, etc. to provide its visitors with the diverse and best experience. All the Disney movie characters are available in person to meet and to take photos. Besides, it has Kilimanjaro safari for the animal lovers so that they can get to see the African animals in their natural form and not in a cage. It is such a good place for kids to learn. Walt Disney park has amazing made up locations to capture memorable photos. Furthermore, fireworks at night make the whole park glimmering and beautiful.

Universal Theme Park

The universal Theme park was actually made to give visitors a real-life experience of filming and film industry. It has a theme park for family tours and a working studio where people actually create movies. Interested viewers can visit the working studio of universal studio Florida. Universal Island of adventure has themes islands related to films. For example, it has a park for Marvel superheroes, Jurassic Park, toon lagoon, Skull Island, the lost continent. Recently it has added a new island about the wizarding world of harry potter which is the most visited and highly rated until now. It has a whole building of Hogwarts.

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is one of the major attractions in Orlando. It gives a chance to the visitors to explore ocean life to the fullest. People can interact with ocean life and explore the underwater life. Besides, they can also get a lifetime experience of swimming with a dolphin. You might also be interested in a 90-minute guided dolphin tour on a two-person jet ski from

Furthermore, discovery cove also has a place where people can see and talk to an exotic bird. They are not for sale for sure but one can take photos with them. Although visitors can get pass any day they plan to visit the discovery cove. However, during visiting seasons they may not get the pass. It is preferable to get the passes in advance.

Kennedy Space Center

Although Kennedy space center is outside Orlando visitors do not miss this spot especially when they have come far away to visit the breath-taking tourist destinations of Orlando. Visitors can see NASA’s operation center. People take their kids to the Kennedy space center to build interest in space and science in their kids. It as a US astronaut hall of fame and a rocket garden where you can get to know about the astronauts of NASA and some of the most famous rockets of NASA that has been to space. Besides, you can also watch the actual rocket launches from Cape Canaveral station. However, you will have to organize your visit according to the dates and times of launches.

Orlando Science Center

Orlando science center has gained an award for best learning and tourist position in Orlando. It has different areas for different branches of sciences. Famous and newer science experiments are on showcase in Orlando science center. Besides, there is also a themed exhibit of science especially in the peak season when most people visit it. It provides visitors with interesting and educational experience throughout their visit. Experiments of mechanics, physics, chemistry, etc are on exhibit. This place plays its better part in enhancing the interest of science among children as well as adults.

There are so many places to visit in Orlando and one can definitely not visit all of them in one day. One tourist place can almost take one whole day and still, there will be places left visited. It is suggested to take an experienced human tour guide with you who can help you make most out of your time. Enterprise car rentals will provide you with the best experience. So what’s left for you is to make sure you’ll visit all of the destinations.