Top Causes of Car Accidents

Numerous people lose their lives every year from car crashes in the United States. Most of these crashes are caused by human error. Some car accidents can be minor, while others cost lives when they happen. Therefore, you need to drive carefully by following all the traffic rules; however, this doesn’t mean that all the drivers on the road will do the same thing.  

You shouldn’t be held responsible for car accidents due to the ignorance and negligence of other drivers. In such cases, you can file a car accident claim. That’s where you need to contact a car accident law firm to represent you. The firm will assign you a lawyer who will establish the cause and fault of the accident, calculate your expected compensation in case of personal injuries, and make sure you get it.  

What Causes Car Accidents 

Taking extra precautions on the road can help prevent devastating accidents. Therefore, you need to be aware of what causes car accidents to be more careful next time on the road:  

1. Driving with Distractions 

Even a few seconds off the road can cause a car accident. Distractions come in many forms: texting, taking phone calls, eating, and even reading newspapers/magazines, among others. Anything that takes your attention away from your car and other drivers is considered distracted driving

2. Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol will cause a car accident and may cost you your driver’s license or even your freedom. It would be best if you avoided impaired driving, as it affects your cognitive functions and it may cause you to make impulsive decisions on the road. 

About 30 deaths happen per day due to drunk driving. Drunk driving puts you at risk and endangers the lives of other people on the road. 

3. Speeding 

Although it can be tempting to speed when running late, you should know that it’s the second leading cause of car accidents. And while you might look to reach your destination faster, you risk causing an accident that will cost you and others on the road. 

4. Running Stop Signs and Red Lights 

If you don’t obey the traffic signals, it can be challenging to prove you weren’t at fault when involved in a car accident. A lot of accidents happen when drivers try to run a red light. It’s important to know that red means stop. Also, failing to respect a stop sign is as dangerous as running a red light. Always make sure you check these signs before going on with your journey.  

5. Driving at Night 

Night driving can be hazardous due to a lack of visibility. Darkness can make it difficult for you to see the hazards on the road. Roads are also poorly lit at night, thus the need to take extra precautions.

Therefore, you should know how to use your lights properly. If there are no other cars on the road, you need to use the high beams, but you should dim your headlights to avoid blinding the other driver once a car approaches. 

Ensure Your Safety and That of Others 

Driving is a fun and exciting experience, if you follow the rules and take the proper steps towards avoiding a car accident. Plus, being safe also ensures the well-being of the other drivers. Familiarize yourself with the causes that result in car accidents, and make sure you’re not the one causing an accident risking your life and that of others. Life is worth living.