Top Four Designer Watches for You

There are different brands of watches to choose from. With the overwhelming number of choices, you need to know what brands will fit your taste and your lifestyle. In this shortlist of four of my most favorite brands of watches, find out the qualities of the watches that will suit your own style. Here are the top four designer watches to look for in the market today.


Known for its very good price range, Fossil watches are one of the most affordable designers watches out there. These watches are best known for quality designs suited for young urban professionals. The designs are best suited for the adventurous and active personality. If you are starting with your career, this brand of watch is definitely worth considering.


These designer watches are classics and known to last for a long time. These watches have been known to outlast trends in men’s fashion. The brand is known for timeless designs with excellent details to watch face and watch straps.


Known for its great reputation in providing outstanding designs in the industry, Bulova is also popular because of its durable watches that can last for unexpectedly a very long time. Did you know that a Bulova Automatic was lost in 1941 in the ocean and was rediscovered in 2008 to be still in working condition? This is truly a testimony for the great value of money.

The top watch below is for those people who have been successful with their respective careers and have climbed up the corporate ladder. If you belong to this group of successful people, then you should consider investing in this recommended brand of timepieces.


International Watch Company or IWC is one of the brands to look for. These watches are carefully engineered and are crafted to perfection. Known for its refined elegance, the company is guaranteeing that it has the ability to repair its own watches from every era of the company’s history, regardless of how old the watch is. In fact, the company is known for the Da Vinci watch. This notable watch is mechanically programmed to stay functional for up to 500 years.

But with these quality designs and top durability, IWC is not for the ordinary professional with a limited budget. The watches from IWC are really high end. Hence, prepare for hundreds to thousands of dollars for every watch you intend to purchase.


To conclude, these four watches are must-haves, depending on your budget and lifestyle. A watch is certainly one of the most functional and valuable accessories you need to own for your career. Thus, look for these brands when shopping for watches around. You will certainly be happy with these top picks.