Top Qualities You Should Look for in a Wedding Photographer in Chicago

Chicago, a city situated along the shores of Lake Michigan, is one of the most prominent financial, cultural, transportation, and commercial hubs in the world. Apart from a gross domestic product (GDP) worth nearly $700 billion, the Windy City also boasts of impressive architecture, diverse cultural attractions, and internationally-acclaimed museums with a collection of notable paintings and artworks. No wonder, the town welcomes more than 50 million tourists every year.

Given the Windy City’s gorgeous lakes, lush green gardens, unique galleries, and exceptional event venues, Chicago is also a popular destination for couples who want to tie the knot and proclaim their vows. If you are one of the many who intends to get married here, you should ensure that you take advantage of the city’s gorgeous urban scene by capturing them in your wedding photos. 

While there are plenty of Chicago wedding photographers you can tap to cover your once-in-a-lifetime event, it is best to look for a professional who is not only talented but has the right attitude as well. After all, you do not want to look back at the day with regret like the majority of newlyweds. Once you have a shortlist of talented photographers, assess each one based on the following traits so that you can hire “the one”:


Your wedding photographer should be committed to taking the best images possible, regardless of the circumstances. You do not want to hire someone who focuses on obstacles and is satisfied with taking so-so pictures. What you need is someone who truly understands the importance of his role and would do everything he can to provide you with excellent photographs that you can pleasantly look at for many years.


Wedding ceremonies can be chaotic. There are far too many people involved in the celebration that it is difficult to maintain complete peace and harmony, especially during photo opportunities. Imagine what a disaster it would be if the person you hired starts screaming at everybody to stay still so that he can take good pictures. As such, you should ensure that your photographer can keep his cool and concentrate on his task no matter how annoying or bossy your guests can be. 


The traffic in Chicago is the second-worst in the country, which means unless your photographer is professional enough, there is an excellent chance that he would come in late. What good is creativity and talent in photography when you cannot trust that your wedding photographer will be present to capture significant moments of the occasion, right? Make sure that you work with someone who will not only fulfill their promises, but a professional photographer willing to walk the extra mile to deliver excellent results.


Hire the services of a wedding photographer who has a clear vision of what pictures to take and not someone who takes tons of photos with the hope that some images will be good enough. This type of professional takes the time to prepare. He also has an eye for detail and a clear sense of purpose to capture candid moments that tell a beautiful story.

While it is easy to find talented and creative Chicago wedding photographers, it may take a bit of time and effort to search for a professional with talent and the right attitude. Nonetheless, do your best so that you will only work with someone who will not only deliver incredible pictures but also help you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.