Top Questions to Ask a Videographer Before Your Wedding Day

Hiring a professional videographer that meets your expectations can be a real challenge. Though the tastes differ, there are some general questions to ask your potential videographers before you hire them.

#1. What Is Your Video Style? 

When it comes to choosing a wedding videographer, it’s not enough to find someone you have a connection with. This person should film your video in the right style. Thankfully, most videographers work with two or more styles so you can find the one that suits you. Here are some of the most popular wedding video styles to pick from: 

  • Traditional or romantic features a compilation of the best moments of the day, usually focusing on the ceremony and reception, less on the behind-the-scene details.   
  • Cinematic is similar to a romantic movie shot from different angles with attention to tiny details of the day.
  • The documentary captures all events of the wedding day in a linear sequence. It’s typically less artistic, as there is usually no music and special effects. 
  • Vintage features an old-style video performed in special vintage tone, colors, and lighting.
  • The short film represents the shortest version of wedding events, usually comes as an addition to the main video. 

It’s important to discuss the chosen style with a videographer to make sure that your visions coincide. Videographers may add their own artistic details to your wedding film. So, if you have a clear vision of how your perfect wedding film should look like, talk it over in advance. 

#2. What Is Your Price?

The video style is not the only thing to pay attention to. Once you decide on a style, ask about availability on your date and packages’ prices. The common price videographers charge usually depends on the amount of time they spend on video shooting. Always discuss what a standard package includes. For any extra requirements, like a same-day edit or a second shooter or a helicopter, you will be charged over the limit. Don’t forget to ask about a cancellation policy so there wouldn’t be any surprise for you. Usually, this relates to highly-competitive videographers. 

#3. How Long Have You Been In the Wedding Business?

Make sure that a videographer has expertise in the wedding video shooting. Ask how many weddings a videographer has already filmed, what background he/she has. Filming a wedding is absolutely different from filming any other event. Also, ask for samples of the previous works. No matter how professional a videographer is, he/she should be able to “read” the mood and idea of your wedding. For sure, you don’t want your wedding to be the first videographer’s work. 

#4. Have You Shot This Spot Before?

It’s good if a videographer is familiar with the place of celebration meaning that he/she knows how to better organize video recording, where to put a tripod or what is the best angle during the ceremony or the first dance. In case a videographer hasn’t shot the venue, persuade him/her to make a site visit before you make a final decision. At that point, it will be reasonable to discuss the presence of a second shooter, a helicopter, the equipment available. 

#5. Do You Cooperate with Photographers?

If you want to receive a more unified piece of work in the end, ensure that you find the right people that are able to collaborate. It’s good if you hire the videographer+photographer team that used to work together. Ask your videographer if he/she worked with someone reliable in the past, maybe, you will like this person. Booking two separate people makes the whole process more difficult. Anyway, it’s important that they meet beforehand to discuss the format and style of the upcoming wedding. 

#6. What Music Do You Use?

Selecting music for a wedding film is not simple. Discuss your music preferences with a potential videographer in advance. The music should match your wedding style or just be special for your spouse. If you choose a definite music background for your wedding film, let your videographer know. There can be copywriting and licensing issues that should be sorted out beforehand. If you want to know more about how to choose music for wedding videos, read these useful tips. 

#7. What About Editing? 

Editing may be done in different ways. Many videographers delegate this task to outsourcing professionals, such as Wedcuts, Viddedit, Videocaddy, etc. The way how your videographer edits the videos will make you understand what kind of film he/she provides. Some important questions related to editing include “how many free reviews are allowed?” and “how long will it take to receive a final product?” 

#8. Who Will Own Copyright of Our Wedding Film?

The majority of videographers transfer the copyright to the married couple without any problems. However, some eminent videographers may want to retain the copyright, so that you won’t be able to make any public copies of your wedding video. The former case is not frequent, but it’s better to negotiate these details before hiring your videographer. 

#9. Do You Have Another Wedding Shooting on the Same Day or Weekend?

This information is not principal, but important. In an ideal scenario, your videographer should have the entire day scheduled for your wedding. Otherwise, he/she can be tired and absent-minded. If you have signed a deal with some big studio, make sure that the chosen videographer is free on the date and assigned to you. 

#10. Do You Have an Emergency Plan?

By emergency we mean some sticky situations when, for instance, the equipment gets broken or missing, there are some problems with light, weather or a videographer who doesn’t feel good. It’s good if a videographer is ready for any circumstances and can shoot a perfect wedding video even in the worst weather. For your own peace of mind, make sure that your videographer has a backup plan and a reliable person that can substitute him/her.

#11. What Will the Final Product Look Like? 

Talk over all the details of the final film. How long will it be? Which resolution will it be: 4K or HD? How will the film be delivered: on USB, DVD, online, Blu-ray? How many copies will you receive? Will the film be watermarked or have a videographer’s logo? Add any other questions that are important to you. 

We hope that our tips will help you find the right wedding videographer able to fully reflect your style and produce the film you will treasure for many years.