Top Reasons to Choose the Best Nursing Clogs

There are different kinds of clogs and shoes for people working in healthcare facilities. Do you know there are some shoes or clogs available specifically for nurses working round the clock on their feet?  Clogs are designed in a way to reduce stress significantly, and the nurses can feel comfortable with these nursing shoes
Let’s have a look at the best features of clogs.

Top Reasons to Choose the Best Nursing Clogs

  1. Provides Support

Clogs provide exceptional support to the ankles and feet. This, in turn, protects the back from straining the spine. As a nurse, you have to keep standing or moving around for long hours and have to support and carry the patients. So, it’s imperative to wear shoes that provide excellent support to them, instead of feeling uncomfortable.

    2. Provides Comfort

One of the biggest reasons why nurses prefer clogs is that they are super comfortable. While working for a 12- 14-hour shift in a go, it’s crucial to wear something more satisfying than just good looking. Rubber clogs are the perfect fit.

    3. Durability of Material

Clogs are made of flexible and high-quality rubber. They last for an extended period in comparison to other alternatives. Also, rubber clogs are highly durable and can provide an appealing appearance for a much longer time.

    4. Protects Your Feet

Apart from being comfortable and durable, these nursing shoes also help to protect your feet. They are covered from the front of the feet and help the air to move out, keeping your feet cool and fresh.

    5. Easy to Slip In and Slip Off

It is one of the unique features of nursing clogs. They are comfortable to wear in a way that you only need to flip in and slip off.  You don’t even have to touch your shoes with your hands every time you wear or remove them. It saves a lot of time amid the daily work schedules and helps to prevent contact with germs or bacteria.

    6. Helps To Reduce Stress

While you are at working for longer periods, wearing comfortable clogs reduces the unnecessary stress and protects your feet from getting hurt. Uncomfortable pains may be caused due to wearing heels, but clogs are much safer.

    7. Breathable

Clogs are open from the back and provide breathability to the feet. Unlike boots or other closed nursing shoes, clogs are a much better choice. It also protects the feet from catching any fungal disease or sweaty skin.

     8. Reduces Backache

A nurse is responsible for carrying equipment and, sometimes, even the patients. They might suffer from backache or other pains and injuries. At times, they have to keep running around and provide all kinds of support to the doctors. In all these circumstances, clogs relieve them from any backache. They have exceptional arch support as well.

Clogs are made of non-slippery materials. It prevents you from slips, trips, and falls in the workplace. Working in medical facilities can be very tedious for the staff and nurses. Wearing clogs can be a pragmatic choice.