Top suggestions to spend the best weekend

In a jam-packed week where you are scrambling to get extensive amounts of work done, your weekend is nothing less than a lifeline. These are two days which you get to have a breath of fresh air in your overly worked and exhausting work schedule. But we all know the feeling when these days wing by “whoosh” and within a snap its back to Monday blues again. How disheartening is that? The weekdays seem to go by too slow, yet the weekends just seem to go by just within a flash, and none of your plans could have a definite result whether it was doing house chores, catching up on some sleep or hanging out with friends at the Best Night Clubs in London or something else.

So how do you make your weekends up the float, and that you do something meaningful instead of slumping on the sofa all day because you feel too tired and lack energy? Is it possible that you can stretch out those 48 precious hours and do something not only relaxing but amazing as well? And instead of getting sucked into oblivion, is there a way where you can get a chance to enjoy and make the most of life?

If you are looking for all these answers and want to make the best out of your weekend, here are a few tips which you should follow to have a well-crafted weekend.

   Plan Ahead:

It is not a good idea to let things go by as it is. You need to prepare and plan. Make plans ahead during the week about what you are exactly going to do and make sure that you are going to stick to them. Have your schedule work out for Saturday and Sunday and make a reservation at the restaurant, and you always wanted to try out and pre-book the movie ticket that you were planning to watch. In short, do things that excite you and make sure that you have something thrilling to do over the weekend and that all your Amazing plans are ready before Friday. Also, don’t go too much by the schedule, leave a room for some spontaneity here and there. Cheers!

   Make time to meet up with your friends:

There is no point in having a weekend if you are going to follow the same grinding routine, and you confine yourself to your house all depressed, while your weekends slide by. It is time for you to go out, make plans and meet up with your friends and enjoy. It’s a common knowledge that we all have the best time when we are with our friends, while laugh, we have fun, and we make memories that are worth a lifetime. So, go out, make an effort and don’t be too bothered and get together with your friends.

  Take time to unplug and go outdoors:

It can be highly depressing when you are bounded by work or school and are forced to stay long hours indoors. Not only it is not good for your health but also your mind. You need to time out for yourself and go outdoors. It has such an uplifting and invigorating effect on your health. The dazzling sunshine and refreshing air uplift your mood and recharge you. Although the weather might not be always on your side, however even a walk or a run, in the rain can have a stimulating effect. Also, if you have time, maybe go out camping or hiking in the mountain and let nature take over you.

  Get a new hobby

It is time that you break the shackles of the same old routine and do something new and exciting in your life. And getting a new hobby is a gateway to that. You could join up a cycling, rowing or an adventure club and make new hobbies and habits while you are at it. Not only this would give a boost to your physical activity but also in the process of it, you make new friends and share different memories. Also, since it will be outdoors and it would break the same dull and boring routine, so this might be something that you can look forward and most of all, you get to enjoy yourself and experience something new in your life.

   Head to the playground:

Admittedly at one level, we all follow one sport or another. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Real Madrid, New England Patriots or even Toronto Raptors fan, one thing amongst us all is our love for sports. So, why do we fall short of playing it and just limit our love for the game to just streaming it?  Alternatively, instead of doing so, you could head out on Saturday morning and do some sporting activity. Not only it will be good for your health, but also your passion for sports can make you excel at it. Also, it would be a good idea to stretch your legs, and in the process of doing so you could develop a new habit or a hobby

  Clean up and do chores:

We get it that during the week we have got so much work piled up and once we are home, either we have some extra school or office work to do that either we don’t have time, or we are short of energy to do some house chores and cleaning. It’s easier to let all these tasks pile up then do it right away. Guess what, weekends are here, and now you need to clean up. So, take some time on your weekends to clean up and work on the chores which you have aggregated throughout the week.

  Relax and make time for yourself:

It is understandable that during the week, we are all stressed out and are so absorbed in our work and schedule that we hardly have any time to relax and contemplate. Weekends are the perfect time to do that. You could either grab a book and do some readings, and you could do yoga, meditate or simply listen to music and just relax. It is time for you to simply unplug and do what you want to do. So, take some time for yourself and give yourself a treat

The final thought

There is no reason for you to get stuck in the monotonous, depressing and same old routine. Weekends are meant for you to catch a break, unwind, contemplate and relax. What you should do is always plan, catch up on your friends, learn some new hobbies, pick up some skills and do what you need to do. It is meant to be “your” time where you figure out yourself and do stuff that would help you perform better.